Warzone Fractured Intel locations: Where to find all the Warzone Intel collectibles

warzone fractured intel modern warfare
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The Warzone Intel missions are an extra way to gain some free XP while you play. Like the Warzone missions Fractured Intel shares a tab with, it's a set of options tasks you can try to complete in a match - in this case looking for a Modern Warfare classic collectible, Intel. It's not an easy job though, with seven places to find and then search for intel with minimal clues. It can be hard to know where exactly to start but it's worth it for the bucketload of XP you'll get to level up your Battle Pass. 

As well as all the Warzone progress you'll gain, this task will also unveil some information on characters such as Ghost. Just don't expect to get it all in one go. There's some work involved to claim them all so we're here to help you find every piece of Warzone intel. 

Fractured Intel 1 - The TV Station

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The game gives you a little nudge in the direction of this one. Head into the news studio of the TV station and you’ll find the intel you need on the newsreader’s desk.

Fractured Intel 2 - Verdansk Airport

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This time, you’ll be looking for Gate B-23 of the Verdansk Airport. The airport is fairly large, but it won’t take you long to find Gate B-23 and interact with the computer behind the check-in desk.

Fractured Intel 3 - Verdansk Airport

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Don’t worry about leaving the area after collecting the second piece of intel. Instead, head to the Air Traffic Control Tower and work your way to the top (which is admittedly easier when dropping in at the start of a round). Once inside, interact with one of the computer terminals to get the third piece of intel.

Fractured Intel 4 - Crashed Plane

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For this piece of intel, you’ll want to head to a downed plane south of the military base. The aircraft is broken into multiple pieces, but you’ll find the intel in the front of it. It’s shown as pieces of paper scattered on the ground.

Fractured Intel 5 - The Military Base

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Head north from Intel 4 to find the military base, and in one of the nondescript buildings closest to the hangar's south entrance you’ll find a desk with a computer and binders. Interact with one of the binders and you’ll get the intel required.

Fractured Intel 6 - The Military Base

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Despite the hints suggesting this is closer to the airport, you’ll find this in the Military Base. In the Southwest corner, look for the radio tower and find the rectangular building next to it. Inside you’ll find two computer screens close together that you can interact with for Intel number 6.

Fractured Intel 7 - In The Menu 

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A cheeky final piece of the puzzle, you won’t find Intel 7 in the game proper. Instead, you’ll need to head into the Intel tab of the menu to see a decoded message. What does it mean? We don’t know just yet, but we’re sure we’ll find out later in the season.

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