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Check out the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer Gunsmith system and plan your mods

The Modern Warfare Gunsmith system gives you up to 60 different attachments to choose from for each gun, and around 30 for pistols. You can pick any five to take into battle and in general the whole system is set to make life a whole lot easier for you. 

Each of these weapons extras lets you tweak and fine tune numerous aspects of damage, accuracy and other crucial stats. That's obviously a given, but the excellent touch with the Modern Warfare Gunsmith system is the clarity with which it tells you the pros and cons of each attachment - clearly adding + and - values to things aim, speed, movement speed, recoil control and so on. It's probably one of the clearest systems the series has ever seen and should make building the perfect gun super easy. 

(Image credit: Activision)

It means you can precisely adapt a gun to suit your playing style, boosting stats you might want help with - accuracy and damage, say - at the expense of other things like movement or aiming speed. While you can change any of the following [deep breath] muzzle, barrel, underbarrel, lasers, optics, stock, rear grip and magazine, you can only add 5 attachments. That, combined with the varying pros and cons, makes it a real balancing act to get the setup you want. While it is possible to focus on damage across the board you’ll likely lose accuracy and gain recoil if you’re not careful. Instead it’s all about fine tuning the stats you want or need without sacrificing too much elsewhere. If you trust your aim maybe you can give up some recoil control and hip fire accuracy for harder hitting shots. It’s your call. 

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