Modern Warfare gunsmith system: How the new attachments work

The Modern Warfare gunsmith system is a wonderful addition to the game that truly allows you to customise the weapon you're using however you like. There are over 60 different attachments you can use on the game's multitude of guns so you can adapt your gun to your playstyle because just the slightest of tweaks and fine-tunes can make a gun feel much more comfortable. It's easily the most innovative attachment system Call of Duty has had so far, but what else is there to know about the Modern Warfare gunsmith system?

(Image credit: Activision)

It means you can precisely adapt a gun to suit your playing style, boosting stats you might want help with - accuracy and damage, say - at the expense of other things like movement or aiming speed. While you can change any of the following [deep breath] muzzle, barrel, underbarrel, lasers, optics, stock, rear grip, and magazine, you can only add 5 attachments. That, combined with the varying pros and cons, makes it a real balancing act to get the setup you want. 

While it is possible to focus on damage across the board you’ll likely lose accuracy and gain recoil if you’re not careful. Instead it’s all about fine tuning the stats you want or need without sacrificing too much elsewhere. If you trust your aim maybe you can give up some recoil control and hip fire accuracy for harder hitting shots. It’s your call. 

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