Valiant Hearts: The Great War historical items collectibles guide


Canadian identification tag

During the box lifting puzzle, climb over to the platform opposite the levers to collect this item.

Urine soaked cloth

When you reach the gas machine puzzle, climb over the cart at the far right to find this item beyond the end of the track.

Letter from a Canadian Soldier

After solving the gas machine puzzle and climbing to the surface, head left up the hill and command your dog to dig up this item.

Gas canister deployment strategy

After escaping the falling bomb and gas to reach the next trench tunnels, look for this item near the entrance.

Belgian Shako

When you reach the rope and basket puzzle, head to the end of the tunnel on your right then command you dog to dig this item up.

Pocket watch

After your rescued comrade cuts the barbed wire ahead, quickly grab this item in the tunnel before the gas overpowers you.

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