Valiant Hearts: The Great War historical items collectibles guide



In the trench section with a group of soldiers marching back and forth, head to the far left end then send your dog through the tunnel to collect this item.

Infantryman’s flask

After cutting the wire and climbing down the ladder, dig through the dirt on your left to reach this item.

Vial of nevrostenine

After distracting the guard with your dog and moving to the next trench section, break down the barrier on your right to enter the bunker then hit the crates on the far right to knock this item off the top.

Letter from a German soldier

Once you use the mine cart to sneak past the gunner position and dig down into the trench tunnel, go through the door on your right and find this item on the floor next to some barrels.

Tin of sardines

Inside the room marked with cogs where you find the lever, this item is on the floor to your right.

British coins

After reuniting with your dog, head to the far left of the trench tunnel and send him through the gap to grab this item beyond the soldier.

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