Valiant Hearts: The Great War historical items collectibles guide

Vauquois’ mines 

Listening device

After using dynamite to drop the mine cart and climb up the half ladder, go past the door with "SOS" coming out of it then call up your dog and send it to dig up the dirt at the far right of the area, revealing this item.

Telephone cable

During the dynamite and basket puzzle, light a stick of dynamite in the basket and quickly move it all the way right--the explosion will dislodge some loose dirt and this item, which you may need to then collect from your dog.

General headquarters news bulletin

After using the detonator to blow up the explosives, head past the next door to the right and instruct your dog to dig up the dirt pile to find the next item.

Throat lozenges

When you dig downwards through the dirt in the next area, go all the way down to the sloping floor beneath you to find this hidden item.

British identification tag 1915

When you return to the mines for the second time, go down the first ladder then head right and down the second ladder. Go over the lift on the right then dig out the loose dirt to reveal this item.

Trench lantern

After using the tool to raise up the mine cart, cross over to the left and grab this item from the far side.

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