Valiant Hearts: The Great War historical items collectibles guide


Letter from a Scottish soldier

After entering the red building, head left and outside then break down the pile of rubble on the far left to reveal this item.

Wooden top

This item is collected automatically after you heal the woman upstairs in the red building.

Broken walking stick

After solving the church bell puzzle, head down to the newly opened area and pull the lever to clear the gas, then heal the man above to collect this item automatically.

Bed pan

In the next building, head upstairs until you reach a red floor then look in the cupboard on the left to find the item.

Stereoscopic camera

To the right hand side of the red floor, hit the painting to reveal a key then take it back to the ground floor. Push the drawers to the right then climb up them to get outside. Use the key to open the gate inside the shed then grab this item from the alcove behind the painting.

Chemical formula

After heading underground and unlocking the door (combination 4-6-8), head left and look in the locker to find this item.

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