Valiant Hearts: The Great War historical items collectibles guide

Douaumont Fort 

Trench shovel

When crossing the battlefield at the start of the level, dig down through the dirt after the fourth skull and crossbones sign. Avoid the pipe emissions to dig to the lower level, then dig left through the dirt to find this hidden item.

Concert programme

After using your dog to distract the soldier so you can dig down further, dig to the bottom left corner to find this hidden item.

Empty wooden chest

Once you've knocked out the soldier you distracted with your dog, climb up the ladders to the top level and find this item in the locker.

German ring

After switching characters and knocking out the first soldier, head into the room behind them then climb the ladder and search the locker to find this item.

Gas stove

Head back to the corridor and enter the next room on the right, knock out the soldier then search the locker for this item.


After switching characters again, return to the bunker where you found the German ring and dig through the dirt to the right, then dig into the next bunker. Go through the door and find this item by the wall to the left.

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