Valiant Hearts: The Great War historical items collectibles guide

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Virgin Mary statuette and case

When sneaking past the guards at the start of this stage, look for this item on the ground between bushes.

Letter from a soldier

After the sneaking section when you reach the cabin with a missing lever, find this item on the floor to the right.

Broken pistol

Once you've used the handle to open the cabin door, go through and head right by the trees to find this item.


While climbing the ladders to the crane puzzle, when you reach the platform opposite a bomb hanging on a chain go all the way left to collect this item.

Shell mechanism

When you take control of the two characters, send the dog through the first tunnel then walk the character at the back to the left to find this hidden item at the far end.

Sterilising solution

After completing the lever puzzle to block off the water, send the dog through the next tunnel then walk the foreground character back to the riverbed to find this item.

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