Valiant Hearts: The Great War historical items collectibles guide

The Farm 

Ration ticket

Inside the first house, use the lever up the ladder to lift the crate ahead then head to the newly accessible area on the right and find this item on the table. Alternatively, use your dog to pull the lever and lift you to the higher level on top of the crate, then head down the ladders to reach the same area.

Oil lamps

When you reach the barn, head through it to the right to grab a brick from the pile, then go back to the entrance and throw it through the window above to smash it.

Once you complete the bucket/winch puzzle to lift your dog to the first floor, instruct it to collect this item for you.

Coffee beans

After sending your dog through the gap to pull the lever on the other side, head right to find this item sat on top of some sacks.


Inside the burning building, a ladder will break and drop you down by a fireplace where this item can be found.

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