Valiant Hearts: The Great War historical items collectibles guide


Tobacco case

At the start of the level, head left into the bunker and keep going left to find this item.

Card game

When you climb the ladder out of the trench to retrieve the sock on the barbed wire, go left to find this item hidden behind some rocks.


After switching characters and running left to avoid a mortar attack, grab this item in the first tunnel--but don't hang around as the mortars quickly destroy the roof.

Officer's whistle

When you ride up the lift and meet with the group of soldiers, head left to the end of the bunker to grab this item hidden behind a support beam.

Letter from a Tunisian soldier

While heading across the trenches with the group of soldiers a metal platform will drop under you--head left down the tunnel this reveals to find the item.

Coloured pennant

After clearing the trenches and entering the building at the far right, head down the ladder to find this item next to a table.

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