Valheim update adds a new monster in the swamp area and teases the Mistlands DLC

(Image credit: Iron Gate)

New Valheim info is out now, setting the stage for the big Valheim Mistlands update coming soon.

Earlier today a brand new update for Valheim went live on PC. Over on the Steam forums, developer Iron Gate elaborated on what exactly the new update includes, revealing that there's something mysterious hidden in the swamplands area of the co-op action game, with big rewards tied to it.

On top of the brand new content, there's also a slate of improvements and bug fixes in the update. There's a litany of fixes for network issues, music transition, player animation transitions, and jump animations, as well as tweaks to monsters waking up thanks to ranged attacks.

That's actually all the new Valheim update does, because Iron Gate spends the rest of the development blog teasing the big Mistlands update. This forthcoming update is going to add a brand new area to Valheim, and as you might suspect given the name of the new content drop, it's complete blanketed in mist, with outcrops of hills and ruins jutting out of the fog.

There's also going to be the implementation of new caves in a future update for Valheim. You can check out a very sneak peek of the new caves that Iron Gate has been working on, and will likely be adding to the ongoing game alongside the new Mistwalker update at some point in the future.


(Image credit: Iron Gate)

So there's not a lot to report on in this latest Valheim update, but there's the promise of big things to come from the developer. We can only assume there'll be further updates on the Mistlands update, as well as the new cave areas, at some point in the near future from Iron Gate.

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