Valheim slows down speed planting and the turnip farmers are revolting

(Image credit: Iron Gate Studio)

Valheim speed planting is gone after a change in the latest Valheim patch notes, and some players are mourning the days of power turnip farming.

The change was confirmed in a single line of the update notes: "Added a slight use-delay on Hammer, Hoe & Cultivator". It's not a massive delay, and if you were the kind of Viking farmer to individually position each sprout before you planted it, you might not even notice. But players who had gotten accustomed to strafing down rows of seedlings faster than a spooked deer are sharing their frustration in places like Reddit. Here's a video comparing the planting process before and after the change from one such displeased player.

Why you do this to us farmers? from r/valheim

It sounds like the change may have been made to cut down on server issues which could arise from players planting crops or constructing/deconstructing items too quickly; all those changes to the world in a short period of time could cause sync issues which would sometimes result in lag or other connection problems. By introducing a small delay on how quickly you can use equipment that causes changes to the world, Valheim cuts the problem off at the source. Plus, it's not really "realistic" to plant 20 turnips in the space of a second by hand, but neither is making Thomas the Tank Engine out of troll parts, so I guess that's a moot point. 

Iron Gate Studio is planning to add some new domestic features to the game in Valheim's upcoming Hearth and Home update, so there may be more farming changes on the way.

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