Valheim mod lets you tame trolls and make freaky little baby trolls

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A new Valheim mod lets you tame trolls, skeletons, and basically any creature you please, thanks to the 'AllTameable' mod from NexusMods user Buzz. This means we now have to think of all the possibilities: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The good news is that you can command an army of trolls and, presumably, utterly ruin any enemies that stand in your way, including bosses. When you consider one Valheim player was able to not just beat, but honestly humiliate, the final boss by sicking a pack of 50 wolves at it, the opportunity for power here is pretty limitless.

Sadly, this means we also need to contend with baby trolls, which are a thing you can now breed using the latest version of Buzz' mod. Now, I find pretty much anything in baby form adorable, even those weird monkeys with the big pendulous noses, but baby trolls were never meant to happen. It's like some sort of science experiment gone horribly, unscrupulously wrong.

Technically, you can't tame anything just yet. As Kotaku points out, deer, fish, and a lucky few other creatures are still off the table, but most of Valheim's fauna is now yours for the domesticating. 

The default version of the mod is limited to just trolls and goblin brutes, but download the config file and you can cast a pretty wide net. Just trap whatever poor, unsuspecting thing unfortunate enough to cross your path, feed it like you would a boar or wolf, and watch its freedom slowly escape from its grasp. Or screw all that and play some pachinko like this creative, and far more ethically sound Valheim player.

Whatever the path you take as a viking, don't start your adventure without consulting our Valheim tips.

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