Valheim holiday update means wolf tamers can finally enjoy a silent night

(Image credit: Iron Gate Studio)

The Valheim holiday update is here, with gifts of a new armor stand and seasonal decorations for all the good little Vikings out there.

The developers at Iron Gate Studio rolled out a new update to their early access Viking survival game which includes the aforementioned items as well as some fan-requested features that should help make your base feel cozier even after you put away the Yule tree for the year.

The new armor stand allows you to display your equipment on a wooden framework: give your trusty old set of troll hide armor the pride of place it deserves in your base or mix and match between sets to create your own distinct looks. It may not be as practical as just stuffing all your unused gear in a chest, but it's definitely cooler.

The seasonal decorations include the return of the festive Yule tree as well as present boxes which you can use to spread joy across your base. You could even try leaving some out front of the local troll cave in the spirit of the season.

Meanwhile, the not-as-festive but still welcome changes include making tamed wolves no longer howl up a storm and preventing all tamed animals from fearing fire (which, while an understandable reaction for a wild creature, could make it tough to find a good spot for domesticated pals in your base).

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