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When is the Steam Summer Sale 2018? June 21 - right now!

***UPDATE JUNE 21st, 9am PDT: The Steam Summer Sale is now live. We'll be showing the best deals on site soon and please share your best finds in the comments below.***

Prepare yourself: The Steam Summer Sale 2018 will start on June 21, according to The Steam Database (aka SteamDB).

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The third-party tracking site, which pulls all sorts of useful and interesting data from Valve's digital storefront, tweeted the start date early in May. However, there was this little distraction out in California called E3 2018, and people may have understandably forgotten. So with that event behind us and June 21 just a few days away, we figured now would be a good time to remind everyone to gird / loosen their wallets, depending on how you feel about said sales.

Now, I should give out the disclaimer that this is by no means official - SteamDB isn't officially affiliated with Steam or Valve. However, it's got a pretty strong track record, and the date lines up well with last year's sale, which lasted for thirteen days from June 22 to July 5.

If this year's event operates by the same rules, expect the Steam Summer Sale 2018 to last from June 21 to July 4, just in time for you to celebrate with some colorful fireworks. Still, take the news with a grain of salt, just in case.

Steam's sales used to feature daily deals that went above and beyond your typical discounts, but recently it's opted for less extreme price cuts in favor of a more stable selection that's available throughout the entire duration of the sale. It makes the whole thing feel like less of an event, but it also means you won't miss out on a really good deal just because you didn't log on that day. So if you can't get to a computer right away on June 21, don't worry: all those games you'll probably never play will still be waiting for you.

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