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Steam Holiday Sale 2014 goes live for two weeks of savings

Is your wallet nearby? Lock it in your car. Don't have a car? Throw it in a lake. But God help you if Valve already has your credit card information (or if you're not within walking distance of a lake), because Steam Holiday Sale 2014 has officially gone live.

If you're not familiar, Steam's made a December tradition of offering a huge suite of revolving discounts and cheap catalog deals. On top of price reductions that last until the end of the promotion (in this case January 2 at 10 am Pacific / 6 pm UK time), select new deals will go up every 12 and 24 hours - today's featured deals include Dark Souls 2 for 63 percent off and Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes for 33 percent off. And every day a new trio of 'Community Choice' games will go up, with the one that received the most votes from Steam users receiving the steepest discount.

The Holiday Sale once again includes its own Steam trading cards and craftable profile badges. Voting for the next Community Choice game nets you a card, but buying stuff will earn you even more. Make sure you get all the cards you need (or sell all the cards you don't) before they expire at the end of the Holiday Sale.

Until then, remain calm, and try to remember that you probably still have games you haven't played from last year's sale.

Connor Sheridan
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