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SFX NEEDS YOU Ask The Doctor And Leela

We want your questions for Tom Baker and Louise Jameson!

Next month SFX will be chatting to two famous figures from the classic Doctor Who series, Tom Baker and Louise Jameson. Yep, we’ll be sitting down for a chinwag and a cuppa with the Fourth Doctor and Leela themselves, and we want your questions.

Is there anything you’ve never heard the pair being asked before? Anything you’re just dying to know? If so, here’s your chance. Send us your most interesting, most funny, most unusual questions and we'll put the best ones to the two Who stars. Feel free to address questions to each actor separately or to the pair together. Simply pose your questions in the comments section below.

The interview will be published as a Fannish Inquisition in all its glory in an upcoming special edition of SFX .