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Halo 5: Guardians Mission Intel location guide

Mission 7: Reunion 

Intel 1/7: Unggoy Personal Log 083 1/2

Intel 2/7: Unggoy Personal Log 083 2/2

This data log is near the first group of Covenant surrounding the crashed ship. As you approach the area, the intel will be on the right side of the ledges above the ship.

Intel 3/7: USNC Marine Status Update

Take the ascending path of ledges on the right immediately past the crashed ship. Look for a peculiar dark spot along the wall. The dark spot is actually a small hidden path with a Marine corpse and the the next data log.

Intel 4/7: Forerunner Record: Search 1/5

Intel 5/7: Forerunner Record: Search 4/5

Intel 6/7: Forerunner Record: Search 2/5

Intel 7/7: Forerunner Record: Search 3/5

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