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Halo 5: Guardians Mission Intel location guide

Mission 2: Blue Team 

This is the first mission that features intel that aren’t data logs. Some intel are accessed using command consoles - you’ll know you’re close to such intel when the console is on and the lit screens and panels are glowing green. In other words, ignore the red ones.

Intel 1/8: Argent Moon: Station Warning

Shortly after starting the mission, move forward until you reach the end of the catwalk, then look for a short upward ramp. Look for the console with the glowing green interface to access the first station log.

Intel 2/8: Log: 2557-3-17 1231 SMT 1/4

Intel 3/8: Test Results: Asteroidea 59B

Intel 4/8: Test Results: Asteroidea 61F

Intel 5/8: Log: 2557-3-19 1653 SMT 2/4

Move past the windowed hallway where you see Covenant ships exiting slipspace. After Master Chief mentions the decision to scuttle Argent Moon, look for a green-lit console nearby. There is where you can access the next station log.

Intel 6/8: Test Results: Asteroidea 472A

Intel 7/8: Log: 2557-3-19 1654 SMT 3/4

Intel 8/8: Log: 2557-9-12 613 SMT 4/4

This is found shortly after disabling the cooling system and Blue Team have decided to head to the Prowler. Once you reach a half-opened door, look for another green-lit console for the station log.

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