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We're either looking at Dragon Age 4 or some true Twitter trolling from Mark Darrah

(Image credit: BioWare)

Mark Darrah is either trolling the hell out of folks looking forward to Dragon Age 4 or teasing some of our first looks at the game. Either way, it's interesting to watch. The executive producer of the Dragon Age franchise just sent out a series of tweets that were just the words "Dragon Age", then included some odd illuminated-manuscript style art, and finally an off-screen screenshot of a wintry path through the forest.

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Darrah went on to joke about how angry BioWare's marketing partners are with him, how he probably shouldn't be left with a free hour in the middle of the day from now on, and how he wanted to be absolutely clear that he hasn't said anything but that people will still report on it anyway. Come on, Mark. You're killing us. When you announce that a new Dragon Age is coming, then say next to nothing else about it for a long time, then you send out a bunch of tweets that say nothing but "Dragon Age" with increasing urgency and weird pictures, we have to write about it.

Oh, then he shared this cute gif of a polygonal, four-legged spider.

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It's been about five years since Dragon Age: Inquisition came out and left us with the current state of affairs in Thedas. EA teased further developments in the franchise with a trailer titled "The Dread Wolf Rises" at The Game Awards 2018, and has largely gone back to silence since then. However, EA did recently confirm that Dragon Age 4 will "probably" be released in April 2022 or later, which means that if any of this stuff actually is from the game, it's probably still quite early.

Rumors point to Dragon Age 4 building in live-service elements while keeping its story-driven roots, so the possibilities are wide open for wherever we may head next. Whatever works, as long as we get to crack that egg.

In a world of uncertain teases and trolling, at least you can count on some rock-solid Black Friday game deals. 

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