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What's in the Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Epic Mystery Grab Bag?

Festival of the Lost Epic Mystery Grab Bag
(Image credit: Bungie)

So here’s the thing, depending on who you ask, the Epic Mystery Grab Bag is either a sleeper hit or a complete meme. Does Festival of the Lost 2020 have the same problem as last year? Namely RNG and a hidden loot pool? I spent the afternoon researching them, opening bags (300 candy is a nightmare when you want more masks) and these are frustrating this year in Destiny 2, again. 

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What's in the Festival of the Lost Epic Mystery Grab Bag? 

You can purchase a Mystery Grab Bag and/or Epic Mystery Grab Bag from Eva Levante in the Tower. They are priced at 150 candy and 300 candy plus 25 Chocolate Strange Coins, respectively. That’s an already steep price when considering the other uses of Candy and Chocolate Strange Coins. 

Epic Mystery Grab Bags seem like the kind of thing Bungie would hide their next secret in but unfortunately it’s a gamble without much payoff. Unless I’m missing something here’s an idea of what you’ll get. 

  • Enhancement Cores - A chance to get 1-5
  • Umbral Engrams - The extended season makes these awesome but not necessary.
  • Random Blues - I mean really…who asked for this?
  • Planetary Materials - Not bad but Spider exists
  • Random Legendaries - No power increase and all sunsetting gear
  • Upgrade Modules - Okay I suppose

At the end of the day, if you’re inundated with candy and Chocolate Strange coins, this is a great way to flush them, but only after you’ve gotten everything else you want. That situation aside, I’d buy one Epic Mystery Grab Bag to say I did and keep it moving. 

If you are at the maximum of 50 enhancement prisms, you can upgrade all the blue armor you get to 8 and dismantle it for an extra 3 cores (cost 1 prism each piece). Do this as a last resort.