Destiny 2 Season 15 mods – New Holster mods, Stasis mods, and Ghost mods

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Destiny 2 Season 15 mods are shaking things up with new Season of the Lost Stasis energy mods, an entirely new type of Holster mod for leg armor, and a few loot-focusing mods for your Ghost. Also in this season of Destiny 2, you’ll be helping out Mara Sov as she faces off Savathûn by playing the new Astral Alignment activity. The Witch Queen Expansion is also coming on February 22 and sees our Guardians exploring the swamps and fortresses of Savathûn’s throne world, as she gifts her Hive the Light. For now, let us guide you through all the latest additions and changes to mods in Destiny 2 Season of the Lost.

Destiny 2 Season of the Lost has introduced Holster mods

Destiny 2 Machine Gun Holster mod

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With Season of the Lost in Destiny 2, Bungie has introduced Holster mods for leg armor. When slotted into a pair of boots, these mods will steadily reload stowed weapons of a certain type over time, a bit like a slower but general-purpose version of the Auto-Loading Holster weapon perk. It seems like each weapon type can fully reload in a fixed time, so number of bullets loaded per second varies with magazine size. These mods are not only stackable, granting an even faster full reload time, but they also work with Exotic weapons too.

Like other weapon-related armor mods, Holster mods are available for lots of different weapon types. These are: Auto Rifles, Pulse Rifles, Scout Rifles, Hand Cannons, Sidearms, SMGs, Shotguns, Fusion Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Trace Rifles, Machine Guns, heavy ammo Grenade Launchers, and Linear Fusion Rifles. Rocket Launchers, special ammo Grenade Launchers, and Bows can only have one shot loaded at a time, so they do not get Holster mods. Bunge has also specifically noted that the Exotic Hand Cannon Eriana’s Vow will not be compatible with the Hand Cannon Holster mod.

Stasis armor mods are now available with Season of the Lost

Destiny 2 Stasis armor mod power preservation

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Season of the Lost has brought Stasis mods and Stasis armor energy to Destiny 2, meaning you can now pay some upgrade materials to convert you best armor pieces to Stasis energy and slot in some of those new mods. You can generate extra Orbs of Power with Super kills thanks to the Power Preservation helmet mod, Stasis Resistance reduces incoming Stasis damage, and Melee, Grenade, and Class Ability Kickstart mods give energy to those abilities after they’ve been used.

Destiny 2 Season of the Lost has brought new Ghost mods

Destiny 2 armorer ghost mod

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A few armor stat-themed Economic Ghost mods have been added with Season of the Lost too. Destiny 2 players can apply stat Armorer mods that cause all armor drops to have a guaranteed minimum stat of 10 for a particular stat, and armor will be likely to drop with higher amounts of that stat. For example, you could slot the Mobility Armorer mod onto your Ghost for three energy which will make any armor loot you get have at least 10 stat points in Mobility, and it is more likely that you’ll get armor with higher Mobility.

A new set of Champion mods is available in Season of the Lost

Champion mods for Season 15

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Destiny 2 players can get the new Wayfinder’s Compass Seasonal Artifact and begin unlocking a new set of Champions mods. We hope you’re ready to deal with a lot of Unstoppable Champions as the available Champions mods will be: Anti-Barrier Auto Rifle, Overload Bow, Overload Sword, Unstoppable Pulse Rifle, Unstoppable Sidearm, and Unstoppable Fusion Rifle and Linear Fusion Rifle. Each mod costs one energy to slot, except for Unstoppable Fusion Rifle and Linear Fusion Rifle which costs six and requires seven previous artifact mod unlocks.

The Destiny 2 Traction mod is gone

Traction mod on leg armor

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With Traction gone, Bungie has massively improved the sensitivity and other movement-based options for controllers. There are now an extra 10 sensitivity options, on top of the base 10, meaning the maximum sensitivity can now go as high as 20. Destiny 2 also has an ADS sensitivity modifier option which will let players adjust their aiming sensitivity to be as low as half their normal sensitivity or as high as 1.5 times. Finally, Season of the lost has added a sprint turn speed scalar option, which lets players decide on their Guardian’s turning speed while sprinting with allowed values of 0.3 to 0.8.   

For any Guardians that didn’t know, Traction was an armor mod that granted a tighter turn radius while sprinting. Because Destiny 2 has a relatively low controller sensitivity, especially when sprinting, Traction was almost essential in the Crucible’s PvP modes for controller players as it allowed them to be much more agile.For anyone that does not know, Traction is an armor mod that grants a tighter turn radius while sprinting. Because Destiny 2 has a relatively low controller sensitivity, especially when sprinting, Traction was almost essential in the Crucible’s PvP modes for controller players as it allowed them to be much more agile.

Warmind Cells and a few mods have been nerfed

Warmind Cell Cellular Suppression mod on Vex

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Warmind Cells have been incredibly strong in PvE activities for over a year, so Bungie has finally reined them in a bit as well as a couple of the Warmind Cell armor mods. The base Warmind Cell explosion and effect range has been reduced from 10m down to 6m and the explosion damage range was 400-200 but is now 250-50.

In terms of Warmind Cell mods, Global Reach – a vital mod that increases the explosion and effect radius of cells – now costs three energy to slot, and its effect radius has been reduced from 20m to 10m. Another popular mod, Wrath of Rasputin, which allows players to generate Warmind Cells with Solar splash damage final blows as well as the normal Warmind weapon kills, has had its additional Solar damage range reduced from 200-100 to 100-25. Finally, the suppression effect from the Cellular Suppression mod has had its duration reduced from three seconds to two seconds. These are some pretty significant nerfs, but they should hopefully encourage Destiny 2 players to experiment with other mod types and be more inventive with their builds.

A couple of Elemental Well mods have been buffed

Void Elemental Wells in Lost Sector

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Two Elemental Well armor mods have been buffed in Season of the Lost to make them a bit more useful. On top of its original function, the Elemental Armaments mod now increases the chance to spawn an Elemental Well even further based on the tier of each defeated enemy, so minibosses are more likely to spawn wells than typical rank-and-file enemies. The Font of Might mod got its duration and damage bonus improved, with the duration now at 10 seconds and the damage bonus at 25% from 10%.

Given that Bungie seems to be trying to bring Elemental Wells up to the level of Warmind Cells with some cautious mod buffs, Destiny 2 players should definitely check these mods out. If you want to get them all, you have until the end of Season of the Lost as the previous year’s activities will go away with The Witch Queen and Season 16. Elemental Well mods can be unlocked by increasing your reputation with the War Table, Splicer Servitor, and Wayfinder’s Compass in the HELM.

Ammo Finder and Scavenger mods have changed in Season of the Lost

Rocket launcher Ammo Finder mod on helmet armor

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As Bungie tries to readjust the ammo economy in Destiny 2, Ammo Finder mods, which give players a chance to find more ammo bricks for a chosen weapon type, have been slightly buffed with Season of the Lost. They now give players an increased chance to get extra ammo bricks on primary weapon kills, and an even higher chance on Exotic primary weapon kills. Meanwhile, Scavenger mods, which increase the amount of ammo received from an ammo brick, are will no longer stackable and have had their energy costs increased by quite a lot.

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