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Call of Duty: Warzone new Sykov pistol is already causing havoc among players

(Image credit: Activision)

Call of Duty: Warzone has got the new Sykov pistol, but some of the player base isn't happy with how overpowered the best Warzone Sykov loadouts seem to be.

For a really good look at just how devasting the new pistol can be, check out the gameplay clip just below, which showcases a player mowing down an entire team with dual Sykov pistols, without even having to reload once.

The new Sykow is broken AF from r/CODWarzone

In short, the Sykov pistol is overpowered for two reasons. Firstly, it can be dual-wielded by players, to that's double the firepower for a pretty decent pistol. Secondly, the Sykov pistol actually boasts a staggering 80-round magazine which, when grouped together for dual-wielding, basically makes the two weapons unstoppable in close quarters.

The Sykov pistol is a joke from r/CODWarzone

The post just above on the official Warzone subreddit delves into developer Raven Software's track record of adding new pistols to the battle royale game. As you can see, it's definitely been a tough act for the developer to balance so many rapid-firing pistols to the game over the past year.

Of late, the Verdansk map has been overrun by zombies, but in a different manner than before. Whereas players could previously encounter hostile zombies at certain positions on the map, this time players that die within certain parameters are turning into the undead. Things are certainly heating up in Verdansk, as we count down to the inevitable conclusion of the current season.

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