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Save over 30% on Razer deals, including an awesome Stormtrooper mouse for $40

Save over 30% on Razer deals, including an awesome Stormtrooper mouse for $40
(Image credit: Razer)

You can currently save over 30% in these new Razer deals on Amazon, including an offer on a special Stormtrooper-edition mouse and a BlackWidow Lite keyboard. We're not sure how long these accessory offers will last, so make the most of them while you can.

Sneaking in ahead of the Black Friday deals next month, these discounts get you high-quality Razer peripherals for a lot less than the MSRP. The Stormtrooper Atheris wireless mouse is 33% less than normal, for example - it's $39.99 on Amazon instead of $60. 

If you want to complete your setup, the BlackWidow Lite tenkeyless gaming keyboard has also been slashed in price; it's dropped to $69.99 on Amazon instead of $90. Similarly, the Razer Mamba Elite (a precursor to the best gaming mouse) has dropped in cost to $59.99 - a reduction of 33%.

Another standout would have to be the Razer Hammerhead USB-C earbuds with Active Noise Cancellation. They're a wired version of one of the best gaming earbuds, and are available for $55.95 rather than $100 as part of the Razer deals.

We've rounded up all of the available deals below. For more offers, don't forget to check out our guides on Razer headsets, the top Razer mouse, and the best Razer keyboard.

Razer deals

Razer Atheris Stormtrooper Limited Edition | $60 $39.99 at Amazon
With wireless functionality and an ambidextrous shape to go with its attention-grabbing Stormtrooper design, this version of the Atheris is a winner for Star Wars fans. It's also very comfortable and small enough to be easily transported if you want to use it on the move. It promises a battery life of up to 350 hours and 7,200 DPi, too.View Deal

Razer Mamba | $90 $59.99 at Amazon
As a precursor to the wireless Mamba - one of the better gaming mice we've tried - this one is definitely worth a look, particularly at that price. It's currently got 33% off the MSRP, which is a bargain. This one has 16,000 DPI and nine programmable buttons.View Deal

Razer Naga Trinity | $100 $65.72 at Amazon
This is the perfect mouse for those who want it all - it has detachable side panels for MMOs, MOBAs, and shooters. It's incredibly versatile as a result, and we can highly recommend it at that price. This particular version has 16,000 DPI and up to 19 programmable buttons.View Deal

Razer BlackWidow Lite | $90 $69.99 at Amazon
Thanks to a compact design, this gaming keyboard will fit onto most desks and can even be transported from place to place easily. This one is a mechanical device for a more satisfying typing experience, and Razer Orange switches provide "tactile feedback with a quieter click."View Deal

Razer BlackWidow | $120 $98.39 at Amazon
The BlackWidow keyboard range is one of Razer's best, and this particular example is fantastic - especially at that low price. Its mechanical switches provide a satisfying experience for gaming and for typing, making it pleasingly versatile if you work from home.View Deal

Razer Huntsman | $150 $89.99 at Amazon
Another excellent starting point if you want to get into PC gaming or upgrade from a 'normal' keyboard, this one; it has super-fast optical switches and provides a fun 'click' sound that standard keyboards lack. It's a winner, especially at that price.View Deal

Razer Hammerhead USB-C (Nintendo Switch, mobile, PC via USB-C) | $100 $55.95 at Amazon
Thanks to excellent dual driver tech, the Razer Hammerhead earbuds provide great sound with a good mix of bass and higher frequencies. This one isn't wireless and instead operates via USB-C, which means it's compatible with the Nintendo Switch and mobile. It has active noise cancellation as well, which is always a bonus.View Deal

Razer Ifrit (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, mobile) | $100 $69.99 at Amazon
It's an usual headset to look at, but the Razer Ifrit aims to serve the streaming crowd with its 'low profile design' and a decent condenser mic that goes along with a USB Audio Enhancer that "delivers improved recording and audio quality with a flat frequency response rate." Lovely.View Deal

Razer Kraken (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, mobile) | $80 $59.99 at Amazon
The Razer Kraken is one of the best all-round headsets you can get right now, and it currently has a fair bit of money off thanks to this Razer sale. There's a discount on a host of colors too; the Black one is down to $64.99, while the Quartz Pink alternative also coming in at $64.99 instead of $80.View Deal

Razer Kraken X (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, PC, mobile) | $50 $44.99 at Amazon
If you're looking for a cheaper alternative, the Kraken X is a great place to start. It's very affordable and is compatible with almost everything, including PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, mobile, and, perhaps most importantly, all of the next-gen consoles too.View Deal

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, PC, mobile) | $100 $89.99 at Amazon
This has been one of our top gaming headsets for a long time, so the fact that it's compatible with next-gen systems as well only increases its utility. Although you're only getting $10 off, that's still better than nothing!View Deal

Razer Raion Fightpad (PS4, PS5) | $100 $74.99 at Amazon
With an arcade-inspired layout that features six face buttons and an eight-way D-pad for more precise input, the Raion allows you to ace fighting games from Street Fighter to Tekken in this console generation and the next.View Deal

Razer Seiren X | $100 $69.99 at Amazon
The Seiren X microphone is perfect for both meetings, streaming, and podcasting; it offers great quality sound, and it's a total steal at that price. It's basically a third off the list price! Marvellous.View Deal

Razer Tactical v2 Laptop Backpack | $150 $112.99 at Amazon
We're not entirely certain what makes this laptop backpack 'tactical', but hey, we can't complain at 25% less than normal. This one offers "ballistic nylon exterior for tear and water-resistant protection" to go with a roll-top design for greater carrying capacity. It also has mesh weave padding and durable compartments inside that are a bit tougher than standard laptop bags.View Deal

Naturally, we're only going to see more offers on must-have gear (including the best gaming keyboards and the best wireless gaming mouse) as we head further into sales season. As such, keep your eye on GamesRadar for bargains over the next few weeks.

For more Razer gear and advice, be sure to check out our guides to Razer streaming and Razer laptops.

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