How will Red Dead Redemption 2 microtransactions work?

The hype for Red Dead Redemption 2 continues to grow as we get closer to its October 26 release date, and our recent hands-on reveals just how massive the game is going to be when it comes out. Furthermore, we now have confirmation that there will be an online component in the form of Red Dead Online which, like its predecessor GTA Online, will launch in beta form during the month following the main game's release. GTA Online is well known for the variety of microtransactions available for purchase, but will Rockstar carry this model over to the Wild West? Let's take a look.

Will Red Dead Redemption 2 have microtransactions?

Assuming that Rockstar go down the tried and tested route they followed with Grand Theft Auto 5, there won't be any microtransactions tied to Red Dead Redemption 2 itself, and it will be its own self-contained world where you can only spend currency you've earned during your playthrough of the story and beyond. However, with the sustained success of microtransactions in GTA Online over a 5+ year period, you can bet your bottom (virtual) dollar that Red Dead Online will have a microtransaction system to provide you with a shortcut to better rewards.

How will Red Dead Online microtransactions work?

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. It's reasonable to assume that Rockstar will follow a similar system with Red Dead Online to their GTA Online Shark Cards, which you use to buy virtual currency and get a better exchange rate the more real currency you spent at once. Obviously 'Shark Cards' are very much geared to GTA Online's modern marketplace, so perhaps we'll be purchasing 'Buffalo Cards' to top up our in-game dollars instead - or maybe even some more contemporary 'Buffalo Bills'. Sorry.

What can I buy with Red Dead Online microtransactions?

As we've already seen with tie-ins between the two games, there are challenges you can complete now in GTA Online that unlock the Double-Action Revolver and Stone Hatchet in Red Dead Redemption 2.  The Red Dead Redemption 2 Collector's Box pre-order also contains 'The War Horse' and 'The Outlaw Survival Kit', which sound very much like boosting items. It's not clear yet if these items will be available to use in Red Dead Online as well, but it seems likely.

It's also very likely that Rockstar will follow a similar GTA Online setup for purchases in Red Dead Online, meaning you'll be able to spend your virtual dollars on new weapons and ammunition, better horses or other transport methods, camps and homesteads to set up as bases of operation, and more. For the exact details though, we'll have to wait until Red Dead Online launches, though thankfully that's not far away now.

What else is new? Did you know Red Dead Redemption 2 has a full first-person mode just like GTA 5.