Pokemon Go Gen 5 release date announced and Ultra Bonuses revealed

Pokemon Go Ultra Bonuses: Unown ULTRA
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Thanks to trainers around the world completing the Global Challenge, the Pokemon Go Gen 5 release date has been announced as part of three weeks of Ultra Bonuses. Pokemon Go players banded together to fulfil all the requirements in the Global Challenge and as a reward, there's a series of Ultra Bonuses to be had, which includes the Pokemon Go A Thousand-Year Slumber quest; also known as the only way to get Jirachi. Read on for all the Pokemon Go Ultra Bonuses, including the Pokemon Go Gen 5 release date.

Pokemon Go Gen 5 release date

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Before we get on to all of the Pokemon Go Ultra Bonuses coming over the next few weeks, let's look at the Pokemon Go Gen 5 release date so players know when they can get their hands on Pokemon from the Unova region.

Starting on September 16, Unova Pokemon will start appearing in Pokemon Go. There's no confirmation of all the available Gen 5 Pokemon, but there are a few we know about already. Snivy, Oshawott, and Tepig - the three Gen 5 starters - will all be available, as will their evolutions. You'll also be able to get your hands on Patrat, Lillipup, and Klink, since shiny versions of these three have been confirmed too. That's six altogether, and the initial release for Gen 4 had 12 base Pokemon plus their evolutions, so expect a few more to be available when it launches.

Pokemon Go Ultra Bonuses: Week 1 (Sept 2-9)

Pokemon Go Ultra Bonuses Week 1

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The first week of the Pokemon Go Ultra Bonuses begins on Monday, September 2 and introduces the first method of obtaining Unown for most players. Previously, Unown has been limited to events like Pokemon Go Fest 2019 and other real-world happenings, but now Unown spelling the word ULTRA will be available in 10km eggs for one week only. This means you'll need to obtain and hatch the eggs in the same week to have a chance of obtaining an Unown.

Raids will feature the three legendary dogs from Gen 2 - including their shiny forms - and "other Johto Pokemon" too. Incubators will have double effectiveness, and shiny Sentret and Gligar will be available in the wild.

Pokemon Go Ultra Bonuses: Week 2 (Sept 9-16)

Pokemon Go Ultra Bonuses: Week 2

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Week two kicks off the second the first week finishes, and the five star raids will switch to feature all four forms of Deoxys. You'll be able to find direct counters to Deoxys in lower level raids, and the four Gen 1 regional Pokemon - Farfetch'd, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, and Tauros - will be available in 7km eggs, along with their shiny forms. The double incubator effectiveness carries on too!

Pokemon Go Ultra Bonuses: Week 3 (Sept 16-23)

Pokemon Go Ultra Bonuses Week 3

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Finally, alongside the brand new Gen 5 Pokemon, Mewtwo is making a return to level five raids, and it's coming with a special move called Psystrike. Shiny Mewtwo will also be available, alongside shiny versions of Patrat, Lillipup, and Klink. It's the final week of the double incubator effectiveness, so make sure you make the most of it. Roll on Gen 5, and check out the official Pokemon Go Ultra Bonuses blog post to read more about it all.

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