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How to catch Spinda in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Spinda

Pokemon Go Spinda is one of the hardest Pokemon to catch because it it can't be caught in the wild and there are 20 different pattern variations to capture (not including Shinies!) that appear at different times of the year. It's one of the toughest Pokemon Go (opens in new tab) creatures to track down completely as a result. However, if you do want to get every different pattern of Pokemon Go Spinda in your collection we can help you with this guide on how to catch it.

How to get Spinda in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Spinda

To catch a Spinda in Pokemon Go, you need to find the right Field Research Task by spinning Pokestops. Specifically you want the “Make 5 Great Curveball Throws in a row” task. It will appear as a circle with a question mark and grass in it. That indicates a Pokemon encounter as a reward for completing it. So, do five great curveball throws in a row and you'll be able to start the Pokemon Go Spinda encounter. 

Remember that research rewards mean that the Pokemon can’t flee so take your when trying to catch it. Throw your Spinda a Pinap Berry if you want to earn 3 extra candy. Don’t waste your Golden Razz Berries here.  

How to find the Spinda Field Research Task

So you know how to catch Spinda in Pokemon Go, but how do you find the Field Research Task in the first place? The short answer is to visit as many Pokestops as possible. Each Pokestop stores only one task for a 24 hour period. The task switches at midnight every day so you can check your local ones again the next day. 

It’s important to note that you can delete Field Research Tasks to make sure you always have room to search for the Pokemon Go Spinda quest. Hit the binoculars icon and you’ll see your three stored tasks. Choose one you don’t want to fulfill, press the small trashcan icon, and a prompt will come up to ask if you are sure you want to delete the task. Hit OK and you’ll be left with a free slot to continue your hunt. 

If you are having problems finding the task, consider joining your local Pokemon Go Discord or Facebook group as there will be plenty of people also looking and keeping each other updated. The joys of the Pokemon Go community knows no bounds. Alternatively, just make sure you visit all your closest stops every day and hopefully you’ll get lucky. 

All Pokemon Go Spinda variations

Pokemon Go Spinda

There were originally eight versions of Spinda in the game files, and they've now all been released,  plus an extra one for Valentine's Day. Here are all the Spinda versions currently available and when they went live: 

  • Pattern 1 - Oct 2018, Jan to Feb 2021, Oct 2021
  • Pattern 2 - Mar to Apr 2019, Sep to Oct 2020, Nov 2021
  • Pattern 3 - Sep 2018, Sep to Oct 2019, Apr 2021, Dec 2021
  • Pattern 4 - May to Jun 2019, Nov to Dec 2020, May 2021, Jan to Feb 2022
  • Pattern 5 - Jan to Feb 2019, Jun to Aug 2020, Jun 2021, Mar 2022
  • Pattern 6 - Dec 2018, Mar 2020, Jul 2021, Apr 2022
  • Pattern 7 - Nov 2018, Jan to Feb, May 2020, Aug 2021, May 2022
  • Pattern 8 - Aug 2018, Jul to Aug 2019, Apr 2020, Mar, Sep 2021
  • Heart pattern/pattern 9: Valentine's Day 2019, 2021, 2022

Another 11 versions of Spinda have since gone live and you can check which ones you have in the pokedex, with 20 circles showing all the forms you can catch.  Each time you catch a new one you'll fill a circle. 

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