Pokemon Go A Colossal Discovery: How to buy a ticket and complete the Regigigas event

Pokemon Go Regigigas A Colossal Discovery
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The first ever global ticketed event was announced last week, and now we know exactly what it will contain: the Pokemon Go A Colossal Discovery special research task, which will reward players with the legendary Gen 4 beast, Regigigas. We've got all of the details on this Pokemon Go event including how to buy a ticket, how to catch Regigigas, how much it costs, and more. Read on for the lowdown on everything to do with Regigigas in the Pokemon Go A Colossal Discovery challenge.

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How to buy a ticket for the Pokemon Go Regigigas event

Pokemon Go ticket

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First up is the fact that you cannot participate in A Colossal Discovery until you've purchased a ticket. It costs $7.99 USD, and at the time of writing, isn't up for sale yet. The ticket will be available to purchase globally from 1pm in your local time zone on Tuesday, 22 October until 5pm local time on Saturday, 2 November, just two hours before the event finishes.

It's worth noting that while the ticket will appear in the in-game store, you cannot use Pokecoins to buy one. It will be available via real money only, which is a shame for those who have been saving up their coins in anticipation. When the ticket does go live in the shop, Niantic has detailed exactly how purchasing a ticket will work and what you can expect on their official blog post about the event.

How to get Regigigas in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Regice, Registeel, Regirock

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Since the steps for A Colossal Discovery will only be available for those who participate in the event, we won't be providing a full walkthrough to the quest since it's only around for a short period on a Saturday. However, if you do buy a ticket to the event but fail to complete the tasks before the end, worry not because the quest will stay for you to complete after the time is up. The objectives will also change to something easier to ensure you can complete them and get Regigigas.

What about those who don't buy a ticket for the event, is Regigigas off limits? Fortunately not! Later on in December, Regigigas will feature in ex-raids, so make sure you're grinding out raids at eligible gyms in order to maximise your chances of getting an ex-raid pass.

That's all there is to it! From November 1 to November 4, Regice, Registeel, and Regirock will also appear in level five raids, so you can complete the Regi-squad once and for all.

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