All Palworld bosses in order, with locations and weaknesses

Palworld bosses
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The Palworld bosses have a specific order in which to beat them, the locations of their towers spread across the map and each one having you go up against and extremely strong Pal. You probably found Rayne's tower already, her being the easiest and the one that the game's tutorial pushes you towards, but what boss comes next after her, and how prepared should you be to tackle it? We'll reveal the locations of all the Palworld bosses below, the order in which to beat them, and their weaknesses to make it all the easier.

All Palworld boss fights, order and locations

Palworld bosses

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Our Palworld boss fight map above will reveal the locations of all the boss towers in the game, as well as the order in which you should ideally challenge them for an escalating difficulty curve. 

  1. Grizzbolt and Zoe
  2. Lyleen and Lily
  3. Orserk and Axel
  4. Faleris and Marcus
  5. Shadowbeak and Victor

The boss fight towers should be very easy to spot once you're in the area - huge spires with glowing lights running down their sides. You can enter them simply by approaching their base, whereupon there'll be an option to interact with the door and begin the boss fight proper. Be careful - once you enter, you can't leave until one of you is defeated!

We'll go into more detail about how to beat them individually below, but it's useful to keep in mind that there's technically no obligation to tackle them in the order shown above - Lyleen and Lily don't bar the door to their tower until you beat Grizzbolt and Zoe first. We're simply showing the order of difficulty, with Grizzbolt being easiest and Shadowbeak being hardest.

There's also no major reward for beating the bosses except a healthy dose of XP and five Ancient Technology Points for developing your tech tree the first time you beat each one. Admittedly, that's not nothing - if you can source some Palworld Ancient Civilization Parts, will let you build some of the game's stranger devices and weaponry, like the Palworld Incubator.

Grizzbolt and Zoe

  • Boss's health: 30,000
  • Weak to: Ground attacks
  • Location: Rayne Syndicate's Tower (location 1)

Despite being the easiest boss fight, Grizzbolt and Zoe are still no slouches. Expect a mix of ranged and melee attacks, but the latter are far easier to avoid if you can stick a pillar between you and them - keep your distance and cycle out various Ground element Pals like Fuddler and Gumoss.

Lyleen and Lily

  • Boss's health: 69,000
  • Weaknesses: Fire attacks
  • Location: Free Pal Alliance Tower (location 2)

Lyleen is a slow-moving target who focuses on a lot of ranged and AOE attacks, forcing players to stay on their feet and keep a healthy distance away. It's better to have you and Pal separate here, rather than saddling them, as two targets will make it harder for Lyleen to focus. Bring a lot of Fire-type Pals and work steadily to whittle a down a boss with over twice as much health as your last encounter.

Orserk and Axel

  • Boss's health: 130,000
  • Weaknesses: Ice and Ground attacks
  • Location: Brothers of the Eternal Pyre Tower (location 3)

The only dual-type boss, both Electric and Dragon type, Orserk is a critter that has a lot of fast homing attacks, so moving quickly will be the most important thing here. Bring weapons that allow for quick attacks, and try using mounts to fight, so that they don't wander into Orserk's attacks.

Faleris and Marcus

  • Boss's health: 147,000
  • Weaknesses: Water attacks
  • Location: Tower of the PIDF (location 4)

The Palworld Faleris is so powerful that we actually have a guide on how to get your own, but that means that this boss is going to be a bit of a behemoth. Faleris is a single-type Fire Pal that'll buckle to water attacks, so considering breeding a tough Water element Pal like the one described in our Palworld Jormuntide guide. Otherwise, we suggest using the pillars for cover and fighting from a distance - it's also important to know that Faleris does have some electric attacks, so you'll need to keep your Water-types mobile to stop them getting zapped. It's also worth keeping in mind that Faleris won't land at all, staying in the air, so melee Pals are really going to struggle.

Shadowbeak and Victor

  • Boss's health: 200,000
  • Weaknesses: Dragon attacks
  • Location: PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower (location 5)

The final boss of the game, the titanic Shadowbeak is something that, as a Dark-element type, the Palworld type chart reveals will be weak to Dragon attacks. Those are fairly easy to find in the late game, but considering the raw power of Shadowbeak, you can't depend just on type advantage. Show up with a level 50 team of dragons, the best Palworld guns you can craft, and ideally some Lifesteal Powers, as the sheer amount of health to whittle through means you'll be glad you did.

Shadowbeak, like Faleris, has some counter-counter options - meaning that it knows Ice attacks to exploit your dragons' weaknesses. Mobility and protection is key here, using the pillars and withdrawing your team selectively, but you will have to take some risks, as a ten minute window to take away 200k health means you'll have to press a mighty offensive or just get timed out of the boss fight altogether…

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