Our favorite Black Friday Xbox controller deal just got even better

We reported a couple of days ago that the Black Friday Xbox controller deals had slashed the price of one of our favorite, specialist Xbox controllers considerably. That was a genuinely good deal - but it's just been beaten. Handsomely.

With Black Friday landing hot tomorrow, Dell seems to be keen to beat off any of the competition by bringing the brilliant Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro down to its record-lowest price and taking the deal even further by throwing in a $50 eGift Card as well! The controller can be yours for just $109.99 at Dell (was 159.99) and the eGift Card makes this deal as much of a no-brainer as we could ever say.

But Dell is not content to stop there. If your budget is smaller, you can aim for the eSwap X Pro's smaller brother, the eSwap S, which is also selling at a record low at the tech giant, and it too has a $50 eGift Card thrown in too! Absolutely excellent value. As a result, you can pick up that controller for just $89.99 at Dell (was $129.99), and think of the card as a reduction or another opportunity to save elsewhere at Dell.

These - definitely - are now the best specialist Black Friday Xbox controller deals we've seen so far. We're massive fans of these kinds of deals in particular too as these are the ones that we'd genuinely buy ourselves. That Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro proved revolutionary for me and re-opened Xbox games as games I could once again play.

If you're open to something more niche that also represents one of the best Black Friday Xbox deals and Black Friday gaming PC deals of the year so far, then these Black Friday Xbox controller deals are worth checking out. Get more information on them below, and scoop up that value!

Today's best Black Friday Xbox controller deals

Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro controller + FREE $50 eGift Card | $159.99$119.99 at Dell
Save $50; lowest ever price

Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro controller + FREE $50 eGift Card | $159.99 $119.99 at Dell
Save $50; lowest ever price - This is incredible value for money, getting you one of the finest third-party Xbox and PC controllers you can get for its lowest-ever price and you get that free gift card, Incredible value. 

UK: £149.98 £114.98 at Scan

Thrustmaster eSwap S controller | $129.99 $89.99 at Dell
Save $40

Thrustmaster eSwap S controller | $129.99 $89.99 at Dell
Save $40 - If the budget can't stretch quite so far as the X, or you just don't need its level of customisation, then consider the S variant of the modular controller. It's now at its lowest ever price and you get that free gift card as well.

UK: £109.99 £84.97 at Scan

If you need something a bit plainer or are after the official pad, then check out the latest and lowest prices for Xbox controllers, as found by our deal-hunting squirrels, below.

The Xbox-shaped deals don't end there though! Keep abreast of the wider Black Friday gaming deals to give you more of a bird's eye view, and look at other more specific niches like the  Black Friday Xbox Series X and PS5 TV deals, and the Black Friday gaming headset deals to hone in on specifics.

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