Black Friday TV deals 2024: everything to expect from this year's event

Black Friday TV deals
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Black Friday TV deals are done and dusted for another year, but if you tend to wait for the big sale, you'll want to prepare for the 2024 event. The next big bonanza could help you save on even big screens that haven't technically released yet, not to mention last year's models should receive a hearty discount.

Naturally, Black Friday season is the perfect time to pounce on the best gaming TV, as you'll likely pay less than MSRP. Same goes for all Black Friday gaming deals, but big screens in particular can fall dramatically in price. We're talking savings of over $1,000 on some of the priciest panels around, which could make all the difference if your dream display ideas are bound by budget constraints. That's including even flagship favorites like the LG OLED G3 and the mighty Samsung OLED S90C, both of which would normally set you back much more.

Of course, it's not just premium TVs that'll get the chop during Black Friday 2024, and there are plenty of affordable options by Samsung, LG, Sony, Hisense, TCL, and more out there. So, let's look over what to expect later this year, including reliable retailers and models to watch out for.


When will Black Friday TV deals begin?

Black Friday TV deals will this year fall on November 29th. Of course, as is usual, we'll see a bunch of deals coming in force that week, but we can still usually say that the best are kept for the day itself.

Such is the event nowadays however, we often see retailers go early with deals period that are weeks long, all in the name of Black Friday. That means you can pick up a great deal from basically October onwards so be on the lookout from then.

Where will the best Black Friday TV deals be?

When the time comes, we'll be stocking this page right here with the best Black Friday TV deals as we'll be keeping close tabs on everything as the event progresses. However, we all know it'll be the usual suspects playing the game, so here are the best links if you want to bookmark, check now, or go it alone in your search.

Amazon: Should always be the first place to check for TV deals
Samsung: Likely to promote the latest line of NeoQLED TVs hard
Best Buy: Deep discounts on every kind of TV
Walmart: A massive selection available and always embraces discounts
B&H Photo: Significant savings across all lines

Amazon: Some great discounts up and down the price spectrum
Samsung: The new NeoQLED televisions are going to be ones to watch
Currys: Always has great stock and sometimes bundles too
John Lewis: Perennially popular for TVs given the generous guarantees
Box: Has great filtering options and prices with free vouchers

LG OLED C3 displaying a menu

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Black Friday TV deals 2024: what do we expect

Black Friday TV deals will be far-reaching, covering all the niches across the size, quality, and price spectrums.

And with another year under our belts, things will look even rosier. The factor of passing time means - along with generational gaps between a lot of TV models (not all, though) being quite small - there really are going to be some quality offerings from 2023, and maybe 2022, lines, as well as the most recent models. 

Expect there to be plenty of action on the entry-level 4K TVs from the likes of Insignia and TCL, for example, as well as on Amazon Fire TVs. The 50-inch Omni model received its record lowest-ever price last Black Friday dropping by nearly $200 and has been on sale, again, in last fall's Prime event. We'd also advise keeping tabs on Hisense offers this year, as the A6BG was available for below $250 - an incredible price for a 43-inch 4K screen.

We'd also keep a close eye on LG's C-range and G-range of OLED TVs. Every year we see price cuts on these in the autumn and winter. Now that the LG OLED G4 has been officially announced, we fully expect older models to receive a nifty discount, and that includes the G2 and G3. You might even be able to grab a phenomenal model like the LG OLED C3 for well under £1,000 if you're in the UK, as it previously dropped to just £899 during Prime Day 2023.

It's also worth keeping a close eye on screen-tech offerings from 2022, the Samsung S95B and Sony A95K, which sport awesome QD-OLED tech. The latter dropped by a whopping $1,002 during last year's event, and we suspect similar discounts will pop up this year.

Is it better to wait for Black Friday to buy a TV?

The best time to pick up a new TV is arguably during Black Friday, but that's not to say you won't see great deals before and after the big event. In fact, you'll often find that big screens drop to their lowest price at random times, so it's always worth keeping an eye out for your desired panel. If you'd prefer deals to simply land on your lap, we'd suggest holding out for the annual sale. Otherwise, there's nothing stopping you picking up a discounted display right now.

Who has best Black Friday TV deals?

All the usual suspects should have Black Friday TV deals on offer come November, including Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart. Sticking with well known retailers is a sure fire way to prevent any scams, but there's a chance smaller retailers will rise to the discount challenge. Your best bet is to revisit our hub when the time arises, as we'll help bring you all the biggest screen savings from across the internet.

How much can I save with a Black Friday TV deal?

A great question! And the absolutely-not-a-copout answer is: it depends! You can see astronomical saving of up to 50% sometimes though these usually get quite specific, almost niche. Think of 75-inch (and larger) 8K TVs - though that's not to dismiss them as that would be great value. This epitomises the fact that the bigger they are, the harder they fall concept behind Black Friday TV deals: those with higher MSRPs often come down the furthest.

Away from that 'extreme' though, a lot more common discounts are going to be in the 20% (ish) range meaning a $500 TV could go to about $400 but a $2,000 TV could drop to an attractive $2,600 - or even push to the $2,500 at that point.

The best thing to do is to keep abreast of the price cuts as they happen to know exactly how much deals might change by, and to also make sure you're tracking prices too to have a more bird's eye view of somethings price.

Hisense U7K TV with Ahsoka episode one clip on screen

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How we find the best Black Friday TV deals

In order to hunt down the best Black Friday TV deals for your consideration, we use a blend of our experience and expertise in conjunction with high tech price comparison systems. That way, we can quickly identify the lowest prices floating around the web while applying our knowledge to check whether discounts are actually good value. 

We're also extremely mindful when it comes to budgets, as while over $1,000 off a premium TV might be great for some players, price points into the thousands are still out of reach for many. Therefore, we always make sure to include a healthy blend of entry-level, mid-range, and high-end options so that everyone can save during the annual event.

Want to learn more about how we hunt down discounts? Head over to our How we find the best Black Friday deals page for more details.

Last year's best Black Friday TV deals

Amazon Fire TV 32-inch$199.99$109.99 at AmazonSave $109 -

Amazon Fire TV 32-inch | $199.99 $109.99 at Amazon
Save $109 - Following a stint of it largely being available for $130, this TV with Fire features built in finally dropped to its lowest price.

Sony Bravia KD43X77L 43-inch | $398$348 at Amazon
Save $50 -

Sony Bravia KD43X77L 43-inch | $398 $348 at Amazon
Save $50 - Sony's 2023 4K TV dropped pretty dramatically for Black Friday, following months of it sitting above $400. The 13% discount brought it down to a new record low that's was sure to entice small screen seekers.

Sony Bravia KD43X85K 43-inch | $578$548 at Amazon
Save $30 -

Sony Bravia KD43X85K 43-inch | $578 $548 at Amazon
Save $30 - This 120Hz Bravia reached a new record low, following a long stretch sitting at $598. An extra $30 kicked in during the later half of this year, and the discount seems to be sticking around for Black Friday.

LG OLED A2 48-inch | $1,299.99 $549.99 at Best Buy
Save $750 - 

LG OLED A2 48-inch | $1,299.99 $549.99 at Best Buy
Save $750 - This was a ridiculously good deal at Best Buy, with $549.99 serving as the LG OLED A2's lowest ever price. We were pretty stoked about it reaching $599.99 previously, but the new discount placed an even more impressive gap Infront of its $649.99 MSRP. 

LG OLED C3 48-inch | $1,196.99$1,046.99 at Amazon
Save $150 -

LG OLED C3 48-inch | $1,196.99 $1,046.99 at Amazon
Save $150 - LG's 48-inch OLED C3 display dropped down to its lowest ever price on Amazon, and it'd set you back $100 more even with previous discounts applied. It's also not quite as dinky as its smaller 42-inch counterpart, meaning it'll potentially still feel like a larger TV to some. 

Toshiba C350 43-inch |$279.99$189.99 at Best Buy
Save $90 -

Toshiba C350 43-inch | $279.99 $189.99 at Best Buy
Save $90 - If it's a smaller TV for under $200 you're after, this 32% off Toshiba discount would have scratched your screen itch. It spends most of its time sitting around $230, but Black Friday kicked it from its usual ledge to a pretty attractive record low.

LG OLED C3 42-inch | $1,196.99$896.99 at Amazon
Save $300 -

LG OLED C3 42-inch | $1,196.99 $896.99 at Amazon
Save $300 - There was an impressive 25% off the smallest OLED C3 at Amazon, and the discount marks its first drop below $1,000. Not everyone will vibe with this screen's size, but it packs the same premium features as its larger siblings.

Samsung Q70C 55-Inch | $997.99$747.99 at AmazonSave $250 -

Samsung Q70C 55-Inch | $997.99 $747.99 at Amazon
Save $250 - One of Samsung's finest 120Hz QLED TVs dropped to its lowest price, as Amazon lobbed $200 off with a Black Friday deal. It doesn't tend to venture past the $800 mark, so this was a pretty good buy.

Samsung TU690T 50-inch | $379.99$277.99 at Best BuySave $101 -

Samsung TU690T 50-inch | $379.99 $277.99 at Best Buy
Save $101 - Walmart was beating Best Buy's deal by a dollar, but the rival retailer has since adjusted things to compete. This meant you could grab this reliable Samsung screen for under $280, which just so happens to be $30 less than the first 'early Black Friday deal' on offer.

TCL Q5 QLED 4K Smart TV 55-inch$449.99$229.99 at Best BuySave $170

TCL Q5 QLED 4K Smart TV 55-inch | $449.99 $229.99 at Best Buy
Save $170 - This TCL deal was a Best Buy exclusive, and with $150 off, it's a respectable a QLED deal. For under $300, you were getting a great 4K panel with exceptional brightness and color, and its even got smart innards that'll handle your entertainment needs.

Amazon Fire Omni Series QLED 4K 50-inch | $529.99 $399.99 at Amazon
Save $130 -

Amazon Fire Omni Series QLED 4K 50-inch | $529.99 $399.99 at Amazon
Save $130 - Amazon's own TV was 25% off, resulting in a price tag just under $400. That's not bad for a model with dedicated smart features, not to mention its panel features local dimming and HDR10+ Adaptive capabilities.

LG OLED B3 55-inch | $1,296.99$996.99 at AmazonSave $300 - 

LG OLED B3 55-inch | $1,296.99 $996.99 at Amazon
Save $300 - The LG OLED B3 might be a 2023 model, but that didn't stopped Amazon slashing it to a record low price on Black Friday. For almost a year, this TV would set you back around $1,300, so this $300 discount firmly had our attention.

Sony A95K QD-OLED 4K TV 55-inch | $2,798.99$1,699.99 at Best BuySave $1,100

Sony A95K QD-OLED 4K TV 55-inch | $2,798.99 $1,699.99 at Best Buy
Save $1,100 - Previously, this Sony screen had $500 at Walmart, but Best Buy blew things out the water with over $1,000 off on Black Friday. You won't find this TV cheaper anywhere else right now, and it hasn't been anywhere near this price before.

Samsung Q60C QLED 55-inch$797.99$597.99 at AmazonSave $200

Samsung Q60C QLED 55-inch | $797.99 $597.99 at Amazon
Save $200  - The Q60C finally joined the Black Friday party last year, and 20% brought it to its lowest ever price at Amazon. Previous discounts have only managed to carry this QLED screen to around $700, but the seasonal sale has a habit of facilitating new record lows.

LG OLED C3 55-inch $1,441.99$1,296.99 at AmazonSave $145

LG OLED C3 55-inch | $1,441.99 $1,296.99 at Amazon
Save $145 - The C3 was one of our favorite TVs to arrive in 2023, and and the fact its already down to its lowest price ahead of Black Friday is impressive. It's admittedly a smaller discount percentage wise, but it adds up to a valuable $145 off one of the latest OLED panels.

Samsung OLED S90C 65-inch$2,599.99$1,597.99 at Amazon
Save $1,002 -

Samsung OLED S90C 65-inch| $2,599.99 $1,597.99 at Amazon
Save $1,002 - The OLED S90C range was reduced on the TV maker's site, and this 55-inch model ended up under $1.500 thanks to a chonky discount.


Samsung QN90C 65-inch | $2,797.99 $1,697.99 at Amazon
Save $1,100 - Yet another example of a rival retailer beating Best Buy's Black Friday deals. Amazon had lobbed an impressive 39% off Samsung's 120Hz QLED TV, and it was lowest price we've spotted this screen for yet. 

LG OLED G3 77-inch$4,196.99$3,449.99 at Amazon
Save $747 -

LG OLED G3 77-inch | $4,196.99 $3,449.99 at Amazon
Save $747 - LG's big flagship screen was available for it's lowest price yet thanks to a 17% discount. It's still a considerable investment, but the Black Friday offer made it less so since it normally lives above the $4,000 mark.

Hisense 75U7K 75-inch | $1,499.99$898 at Walmart
Save $600.99 -

Hisense 75U7K 75-inch | $1,499.99 $898 at Walmart
Save $600.99 - Down to its lowest price in 30 days, this is the best price we've spotted for Hisense's 144Hz mini LED TV yet. The new record low ends it under $900 just in time for Black Friday, and everyone seems to be on the same page with this discount.

Sony OLED Bravia XR A80L 65-inch$1,998$1,698 at AmazonSave $300

Sony OLED Bravia XR A80L 65-inch | $1,998 $1,698 at Amazon
Save $300 - This 65-inch OLED packs the kind of premium punch you'd expect from Sony, and this $300 discount might be enough to entice you. This was a pretty nifty deal for a screen of this size and specs, and it could be worth picking up over discounted LG and Samsung rivals.

LG UQ7590 75-inch | $979.99$646.99 at Amazon
Save $333 -

LG UQ7590 75-inch | $979.99 $646.99 at Amazon
Save $333 - This 34% discount brings LG's 4K LED giant down to its lowest price, following a stint of it sitting in the $700 region. It's currently discount made it one of the most affordable big Samsung panels around, with only budget brands managing to chip more off.

Last year's best Black Friday TV deals in the UK

Samsung AU7020 43-Inch | £349 £279 at ArgosSave £70 -

Samsung AU7020 43-Inch | £349 £279 at Argos
Save £70 - Samsung's straight talking small TV had dipped below £300, and it's a fine price to pay for a budget TV that still boasts HDR and smart features. It normally sticks to MSRP at Amazon, but we were happy to see it join the Black Friday party.

TCL 32S5209K 32-Inch |£159£135 at AmazonSave £20 -

TCL 32S5209K 32-Inch |£159 £135 at Amazon
Save £20 - You won't find many 32-inch TVs out there these days, but this one by TCL has 15% off thanks to Black Friday. The 720p smart screen is back down to its lowest price for the first time in a few months, and it's one of cheapest TVs you'll find within the sale.

LG OLED C2 48-inch£1,399.99£950 at ArgosSave £450

LG OLED C2 48-inch |£1,399.99 £950 at Argos
Save £450 - This smaller 48-inch version of the LG OLED C2 packs all the same excellent features as its larger siblings, and it even gives the newer C3 a run for its money. Amazon briefly offered this one for £898, but £950 was still a solid deal.

LG LED UR78 43-inch | £429.99£289 at AmazonSave £134.99 - 

LG LED UR78 43-inch | £429.99 £289 at Amazon
Save £134.99 - Leaping down from its typical price of around £400, the LG's small screen LED TV had reached a new record low. November actually marks the first time it has managed to drift under $300, and Black Friday was certainly responsible.

Philips Ambilight PUS8508 43-inch |£529£439 at Amazon
Save £90 -

Philips Ambilight PUS8508 43-inch |£529 £439 at Amazon
Save £90 - If you're looking for something a bit different, you'll want to grab this Philips Amilight screen while it's at its lowest price. Thanks to a 17% discount, you can now grab this unique screen for less than ever, and the flashy dynamic lights at the back will save you picking up an additional kit. 

Hisense 55E7KQTUK PRO 55-inch£999£575 at AmazonSave £424 -

Hisense 55E7KQTUK PRO 55-inch | £999 £575 at Amazon
Save £424 - Amazon slashed this 144Hz Hisense gaming TV down below £600 ahead of Black Friday. The 45% discount actually facilitated a new record low price, and it was a great discount considering the refresh rate on offer.

Hisense 50A6BGTUK 4K 55-inch£499£279 at ArgosSave £220

Hisense 50A6BGTUK 4K 55-inch | £499 £279 at Argos
Save £220 - With £220 off, this 2022 Hisense 4K TV drifted into entry level pricing territory. Yet, it's actually a feature packed panel that normally sits above £300, even when discounted.

Samsung Q65C 43-Inch | £799£439.97 at AmazonSave £360 -

Samsung Q65C 43-Inch | £799 £439.97 at Amazon
Save £360 - This 2023 QLED model had 40%, and it trumps previous discounts that had it wearing a semi permeant £500 price tag. Back in the summer, this smaller Samsung model came in at £800, so if you held off, it was worth it.

LG OLED C3 77-inch | £3,299£2,699 at Amazon
Save £600 -

LG OLED C3 77-inch | £3,299 £2,699 at Amazon
Save £600 - Formerly marked as "reduced to clear", John Lewis decided to kick its Black Friday C3 deal into gear early - only to have its deal matched and bettered by Amazon.

Toshiba 65QF5D53DB 65-inch| £529£454 at AmazonSave £50 -

Toshiba 65QF5D53DB 65-inch| £529 £454 at Amazon
Save £50 - This admittedly a dinky discount, but it still knocks Toshiba's QLED to its lowest ever price. Normally, you're looking at around £500, so any discount on this already affordable big screen is well received. 

Hisense 75A6KTUK 75-inch£1,299£749 at Currys
Save £550 -

Hisense 75A6KTUK 75-inch | £1,299 £749 at Currys
Save £550 - With an additional £50 taking things even lower, this big screen Hisense TV was down to a new record low price. It might be a 2023 model, but Black Friday worked its magic anyway,

Samsung CU8070 75-inch | £1,499 £991.16 at AmazonSave £500 -

Samsung CU8070 75-inch | £1,499 £991.16 at Amazon
Save £500 - An impressive 34% off kicked this premium Samsung screen to its lowest price, following months of it wearing a £1,050 tag. During the summer, it would actually set you back £1,500, so we were pretty pleased with this new offer.

Hisense 65A85HTUK 65-inch | £1,999£1,222 at Argos
Save £777 -

Hisense 65A85HTUK 65-inch | £1,999 £1,222 at Argos
Save £777 - Hisense's take on OLED dropped to a lucky new low price thanks to Argos. This model spent a chunk of the year wearing a £2,000 price tag, and while £1,350 used to be what we'd consider a great deal, this offer lowered the bar even further.

LG QNED81 50-inch | £999.99£659 at AmazonSave £340 -

LG QNED81 50-inch | £999.99 £659 at Amazon
Save £340 - Dropping to 34% cheaper than before, LG's mighty mini LED TV reached a new record low at Amazon. It would have set you back over £1.000 for most of 2023, so the fact its now within mid-range realms of pricing is pretty great.

If you're looking for more specialist or niche screens this winter, then check out our guides to the upcoming Black Friday QD-OLED deals, 120Hz 4K TV Black Friday, Black Friday QLED TV deals, and Black Friday OLED TV deals.

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