Black Friday QLED TV deals 2024: what to expect later this year

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The best QLED gaming TV deals have crawled back into bed for now, but they're scheduled to reawaken this November. That's a chunk away yet, so you've got plenty of time to decide whether you want to pick up a new screen now or hold off. We wouldn't blame you if you've not got it in you to wait, and while the deepest discounts do tent to happen during the event, savings can be found all year long.

Quantum dot LED (QLED) screens are arguably the best gaming TVs, so investing in one is a sure-fire way to upgrade your gaming visuals. Not only do they generally cost less than their OLED and QD-OLED counterparts, but they still boast excellent brightness and colors. Better still, various models by LG, Samsung, and more have shown up alongside other Black Friday gaming deals, so you can grab a bargain on a punchy panel that suits your specific needs.

Hoping to find the best QLED TV for a lot less than normal? We're here to help you gauge what to expect during Black Friday 2024. We've whipped up a list of retailers and some of last year's best prices too, meaning you'll be able to work out a figure you'd be happy with paying. 


Where to find the best Black Friday QLED TV deals

While we always do our best to sort the wheat from the chaff when the deals land every year, we know who are the biggest players. Browse the below retailers and attached links to go straight to the current offerings or bookmark for later use, if you're that level of organised.


Amazon: regular discounts across a massive range of brands
Best Buy:
best for TCL and bundles on Samsung displays
B&H Photo:
often discounts older renewed models as well
frequent savings on a wide range of Samsung models
wide range of new and old models available
direct discounts on the latest and greatest Samsung TVs
regular savings on TCL, Hisense, Samsung and more


Amazon: some of the best prices on Hisense, TCL and Samsung
Appliances Direct: regularly offers lowest prices around on big brands
bundle deals often include soundbars and brackets
excellent prices with regular promo codes and freebies
John Lewis: regular discounts and excellent warranties
PRC Direct:
sometimes has the best discounts around during sales
often holds its own sales with great prices
often price matches during big sales with plenty of stock

Black Friday QLED TV deals - what to expect

Samsung Q70T

(Image credit: Samsung)

There are a few displays that we're going to be looking particularly closely at during 2024's Black Friday QLED TV deals. From new releases that are already seeing early discounts to older models that are primed for some hefty reductions, it's likely we'll see a healthy range of prices on the shelves this November. 

One of last year's best value QLED options was the TCL Q5, which ended up reduced from $449.99 to $229.99. The 55-inch Hisense A6H also showed up for just $259.99 at Best Buy. We fully expect to see similar budget models show up during 2024, and we might even end up with a few newer screens at a similar price.

As for the higher end of the scale, the Samsung QNED85 is a great example of a screen that dipped below $1,000. It was slashed to $896.99 during the event, and we suspect it might show up for less this year if it's still available. Both the Samsung Q70C and QN70C also ended up with $500 and $1,100 off respectively, but we reckon those prices will drop even further as the line up matures.

What time of year has best TV deals?

Black Friday is usually the time to grab great TV deals, but discounts will pop up throughout the year. If you do miss out on the big event, you should be able grab a similar discount during Amazon's Prime Day sale. 

Is Samsung QLED the same as OLED?

QLED and OLED are completely different types of screen tech, but both have their strengths and weaknesses. QLED (Quantum dot LEDs) are tiny nanocrystals that can change color independently. OLED (Organic LEDs) provide a similar function, but don't need to rely on a separate backlight for illumination. Our tests conclude that the latter produces better colors, contrast, and black levels, where as QLED screens are much brighter and are less suspectable to screen burn and image retention.

Last year's best Black Friday QLED TV deals

TCL Q5 QLED 4K Smart TV 55-inch$449.99$229.99 at Best BuySave $220

TCL Q5 QLED 4K Smart TV 55-inch | $449.99 $229.99 at Best Buy
Save $220 - This TCL deal was a Best Buy exclusive, and it lobbed $220 off a pretty great QLED package. For under $250, you were getting a very capable 4K panel with great brightness and color, and it doesn't skimp on smart features.

Hisense 55-inch A6H | $349.99$259.99 at Best Buy
Save $90

Hisense 55-inch A6H | $349.99 $259.99 at Best Buy
Save $90 - Hisense knows a thing or two about making good value TVs, and this 55-inch model was undoubtedly a bargain. Equipped with Google TV and HDR10 capabilities, it's hard to believe you could get this sort of budget QLED 4K TV in 2023.

TCL 55R646 55-inch | $599.99$399.99 at Best BuySave $200

TCL 55R646 55-inch | $599.99 $399.99 at Best Buy
Save $200 - Leading the charge with this Black Friday deal, Best Buy knocked TCL's mini LED to its lowest price yet. Previously, you'd pay $549 for this same model even with a discount applied, so this was a QLED offer worth considering.

Amazon Fire Omni Series QLED 4K 50-inch | $529.99 $399.99 at Amazon
Save $130

Amazon Fire Omni Series QLED 4K 50-inch | $529.99 $399.99 at Amazon
Save $130 - Yes, Amazon has its own brand of TVs now, and you could grab 25% off the retailer's QLED model. Naturally, it's a smart TV first and foremost, but its panel boasts surprising contrast and local dimming.

Samsung Q60C QLED 55-inch$797.99$597.99 at AmazonSave $200

Samsung Q60C QLED 55-inch$797.99 $597.99 at Amazon
Save $200 - Dropping down to its lowest ever price, discounts normally take this Q60C model to the $650 mark. However, Amazon activated a 25% discount just in time for Black Friday, meaning you can upgrade to QLED for even less.

Samsung QNED85 55-inch | $1,099.99$896.99 at AmazonSave $203

Samsung QNED85 55-inch | $1,099.99 $896.99 at Amazon
Save $203 - This was a bit of a stealth offer by Amazon, as while Best Buy had it clearly labelled up as a deal, this listing didn't detail any price cuts. However, looking up price history reveals that it dropped from $1,000, meaning it was down to its lowest price yet.

Samsung The Frame QN50LS03BAFXZA 50-inch | $1,299.99 $897.99 at WalmartSave $402

Samsung The Frame QN50LS03BAFXZA 50-inch | $1,299.99 $897.99 at Walmart
Save $402 - Walmart slashed over $400 off the 2022 version of 'The Frame' for Black Friday, and it was one of the best prices we've spotted on this specific model and size.

Samsung The Frame LSO3B 55-inch | $1,497.99$977.99 at AmazonSave $520

Samsung The Frame LSO3B 55-inch | $1,497.99 $977.99 at Amazon
Save $520 - Samsung had a chunky discount on the 4K 2023 model of the 55-inch Frame, which was also matched by Amazon and Best Buy too and just happened to be its lowest price yet.

Sony A95K QD-OLED 4K TV 55-inch | $2,799.99$1,699.99 at Best BuySave $1,100

Sony A95K QD-OLED 4K TV 55-inch | $2,799.99 $1,699.99 at Best Buy
Save $1,100 - Best Buy smashed this QD-OLED screen down to its lowest-ever price, following a previous offer that knocked it to $2,298 at Amazon. The TV actually sat within the $2,500 region for most of the year, so this is undeniably a deep dish discount.

TCL Q7 QLED 4K Smart TV 65-inch$999.99$648 at AmazonSave $352

TCL Q7 QLED 4K Smart TV 65-inch | $999.99 $648 at Amazon
Save $352 - TCL's 65-inch panel has a lot to offer, and being able to snag it for well under $700 sweetened the deal. It might not be premium, but it's a 120Hz champion that'll pair nicely with your PS5 or Xbox Series X, and it's even got a 'Game Accelerator' that allows you to trade 4K for 240Hz.

TCL 65QM850G 65-inch | $1,098$898 at Walmart
Save $200

TCL 65QM850G 65-inch | $1,098 $898 at Walmart
Save $200 - Walmart knocked an excellent $200 off TCL's 120Hz QLED TV, and we've only witnessed it reach this low once before. It might not be a new record low, but it was still an exceptional price considering it was sitting at $1,400 back in May.

Hisense 75U7K 75-inch | $1,499.99$899.99 at Best Buy
Save $600 -

Hisense 75U7K 75-inch | $1,499.99 $899.99 at Best Buy
Save $600 - This is the best deal we've spotted on this 75-inch Hisense QLED TV this year, and the new record low drops the 144Hz screen below $900. This feels like a proper Black Friday deal when you consider the panel's size, specs, and deep discount, and it's one you should jump on sooner rather than later.

LG QNED75 75-inch | $1,189$946.99 at WalmartSave $242

LG QNED75 75-inch | $1,189 $946.99 at Walmart
Save $242 - This LG mid-range QNED panel had over 20% off, and the discount helped to smash through the $1,000 barrier. Amazon previously had it for just under $900, but Walmart has now taken the lead with their current Black Friday offer.

LG QNED80 75-inch | $1,499.99$1,096.99 at Amazon
Save $403

LG QNED80 75-inch | $1,499.99 $1,096.99 at Amazon
Save $403 - A respectable 27% discount kicked LG's QNED80 screen to a new record low price, and it was the first time it has dipped below $1,250. Amazon actually went the extra mile by beating Best Buy's Black Friday deal by three dollars, so you'd have had some spare change for a coffee.

Samsung Q70C 75-inch | $1,697.99$1,197.99 at Amazon
Save $500

Samsung Q70C 75-inch | $1,697.99 $1,197.99 at Amazon
Save $500 - This 75-inch Q70C sat above $1,500 for most of the year, but a 29% discount helped it hit a new record low price. It's a 2023 model, so it's pretty impressive to see $500 off, even if it is Black Friday.

Samsung QN90C 65-inch | $2,797.99$1,697.99 at AmazonSave $1,100

Samsung QN90C 65-inch | $2,797.99 $1,697.99 at Amazon
Save $1,100 - Thanks to a 39% discount, you could grab this Samsung Neo QLED display for well under $2,000. While the initial big price drop happened at the start of October, it was sitting at its maximum price at the start of the year.

Samsung The Frame 75-inch | $2,999.99$1,899 at WalmartSave $1,100

Samsung The Frame 75-inch | $2,999.99 $1,899 at Walmart
Save $1,100 - A 75-inch Samsung Frame for a huge discount, getting you a stylish set without skimping on the Hz.

Samsung QN90C 75-inch | $3,299$2,181 at WalmartSave $1,118 -

Samsung QN90C 75-inch | $3,299 $2,181 at Walmart
Save $1,118 - The QN90C was in a Black Friday pricing battle, with Amazon setting a new low before Walmart smashed it by another $200.

Best QLED TV deals in the UK for Black Friday

Hisense 50A6BGTUK 4K 50-inch£499£319 at AmazonSave £180

Hisense 50A6BGTUK 4K 50-inch | £499 £319 at Amazon
Save £180 - This 2022 Hisense model was already a QLED winner, but this 36% discount was a welcome cherry on top. For just over £300, you'd be able to pick up a screen with Dolby Vision, HDR, and lag reducing game modes.

Hisense 55E77KQTUK 55-inch | £449£399 at AmazonSave £50

Hisense 55E77KQTUK 55-inch | £449 £399 at Amazon
Save £50 - Given it was Black Friday, seeing this Hisense TV down to its lowest price wasn't entirely unexpected. However, it does usually live at the £500 mark, so this is a much better deal than it even appears to be on paper.

TCL 55C645K 55-inch | £429 £399 at ArgosSave £30

TCL 55C645K 55-inch | £429 £399 at Argos
Save £30 - A dinky discount on a great value TV. This model is packed full of features you'd expect in premium sets, and it can even offer 120Hz using Game Accelerator trickery.

Samsung Q65C 43-Inch | £799£439.97 at AmazonSave £350

Samsung Q65C 43-Inch | £799 £439.97 at Amazon
Save £350 - This 2023 QLED model likes to wear a £550 price tag, but it got the Black Friday treatment with over 40% off. During the summer, this same TV would set you back £800, which helps this deal feel even sweeter.

Toshiba 65QF5D53DB 65-Inch | £529£454 at AmazonSave £75

Toshiba 65QF5D53DB 65-Inch | £529 £454 at Amazon
Save £75 - A smaller 14% discount brings Toshiba's extra large QLED TV to its lowest ever price, as it tends to stay above £500. This is also a pretty good price for a 65-inch screen, as you'll need to go smaller if you want something by Samsung at the same price.

Hisense 55E7KQTUK PRO 55-inch£999£575 at AmazonSave £424

Hisense 55E7KQTUK PRO 55-inch | £999 £575 at Amazon
Save £424 - This offer knocked Hisense's super speedy TV below £600, and it's currently down to a record low price as a result. The 42% discount marks the first time it has managed to dip below the £650 mark, which is impressive given its 144Hz refresh rate.

TCL 55C741K 55-inch | £649£579 at AmazonSave £70

TCL 55C741K 55-inch | £649 £579 at Amazon
Save £70 - TCL's brand new 2023 QLED panel had 11% off thanks to Black Friday, meaning it was one of the best value 144Hz TVs in the UK. Since its release, this model has stayed consistently above £600, so it's nice to see it climb down in time for the seasonal sale. 

Samsung Q80C 55-inch | £1,599£749 at AmazonSave £850

Samsung Q80C 55-inch | £1,599 £749 at Amazon
Save £850 - A chonky discount brought this QLED champion to under £800 on Black Friday, and it offers up specs that'll help revitalise your living room setup. Pricing has wobbled around the £800 line for a while, but Amazon finally moved things further down with over 50% off.

Samsung QN90C 55-inch | £2,199£1,048.98 at AmazonSave £1,150

Samsung QN90C 55-inch | £2,199 £1,048.98 at Amazon
Save £1,150 - This wasn't quite the cheapest price we've spotted on the QN90C in the UK, but only because Amazon had it for just under £1,000 earlier this Black Friday. While the panel hasn't leaped back up to RRP since July, you won't find it at many places right now for this low a price.

For more focused looks at the TV deals spectrum, check out our takes on the Black Friday OLED TV deals, and Black Friday QLED TV deals.

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