4K 120Hz TV Black Friday deals 2024: what to expect during this year's sale

Black Friday 4K 120HZ TV deals
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4K 120Hz TV Black Friday deals are now behind us, but big screen savings are set to return in 2024. Waiting for the annual sale isn't always the right call, especially if you're itching to upgrade your living room panel ASAP. However, if you're looking for the deepest display discounts, or can't stand the thought of paying full price, waiting it out is beneficial.

UHD screens with a faster refresh rate are becoming more common within the best gaming TV space. That's largely because they're getting cheaper, but it's also because consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X make full use of 4K 120Hz panels. While these screens won't suit everyone, they definitely help add an extra layer of responsiveness and immersion to competitive games, which explains why they've grown in popularity over the past few years.

You'll have to wait the best part of a year to take advantage of 4K 120Hz TV Black Friday deals again, but if you're eager, we're here to help you prepare ahead of time. We've got plenty of advice to offer, as well as a look at last year's best prices that will provide an indication of what to expect.


When will 4K 120Hz TV Black Friday deals start?

The big day this year will be November 29th, 2024. Mark it on your calendars now. We always know this as Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving. 4K 120Hz TV Black Friday deals will start appearing earlier than that date itself - it'll be wise to be on the lookout from late October onwards, as retailers will always try and lengthen their deal periods to make early sales.

Where will the best 4K 120Hz TV Black Friday deals be?

In terms of keeping track of the sales, one of the best places to track the 4K 120Hz TV Black Friday deals ahead of time will be right here on this page. In terms of where to look, it'll be the usual suspects - if you fancy having a poke around now, then we've listed the (very) likely top spots below.

will be a reliable first port of call for gaming tech
Best Buy: can price match, and will have great stock and variety
Samsung: get one of the best from one of the best direct
Newegg: a strong option in your hunt for a 4K 120Hz 4K TV
a big presence online and in bricks and mortar stores

likely to be your best bet throughout the sales period
Samsung: the makers of QD-OLEDs and NeoQLEDs will have great deals
Very: always a strong retailer for gaming-focused tech
a go-to place for the best and latest in TVs in the UK
Box: allows you to easily filter and browse by HDMI 2.1

LG OLED C3 displaying a menu

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4K 120Hz Black Friday TV deals: What do we expect

The main feature we recommended looking out for in last year's 4K 120Hz TV Black Friday deals was an HDMI 2.1 connection, and we can see this playing a big part in Black Friday 2024 as well. This is how screens can provide that higher rate, allowing for more high-speed bandwidth between your device and the display. 

As lots of TVs proved to be still lacking this feature unless at the upper end of the spectrum in terms of quality and price tag, we're expecting it to become more commonplace as the year goes on. What 4K 120Hz TV Black Friday deals offer though are the perfect way to negate such premiums, and potentially get the lowest-ever prices on new TVs. 

With the Sony A95K QD-OLED 4K TV being the standout TV of 2022 and dropping TO JUST $1,699.99 during Black Friday sales, we're hoping to see even bigger price cuts in 2023. Sony will no doubt have some new models on sale, which will help push this cost down. The same can be said for the Samsung's QN85B 2023, as itspredecessor was reduced by around $600 during the sales. If that amount is again replicated with the 2022 model, then we're onto a winner. 

Sony's entry-level 120Hz 4K model, the Sony X80J from 2021, is also starting to show its age a little, so a replacement is likely on the way. That does mean a lower price drop for this one too, previously being reduced by nearly $500 dollars. Either way, we'll have to wait and see what 2023 brings. 

Now that the LG OLED G3 and OLED C3 are about to be succeeded by new 2024 models, it's worth keeping an eye out for discounts. While the next gen wave could also drop in price, it's likely we'll see better offers on their predecessors, and the G3 actually dropped to under $3,500 last year. 


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Should you wait for the 4K 120Hz TV Black Friday deals?

You don't necessarily have to wait right until November if you see a great offer today. Of course, the likelihood is that there will be more chances than at any other point in the year to get a cracking deal during Black Friday. You will often find retailers and manufacturers going early in November with their deals, spreading them over a longer period of time nowadays, so your time to strike could come early. It's all dependant on whether you are happy to wait until November 2024 to save some cash, or would prefer to take the plunge now and enjoy the benefits. 

Do 4K 120Hz TV prices drop on Black Friday?

Not only do we see almost all TV prices drop during Black Friday (slight exaggeration but you know what I mean), we're going to see some of them – like the 4K 120Hz beasts – drop the hardest. These are going to be some of the best price drops going as it's a spec that's rapidly become the norm over the past couple of years, and those most premium TVs that throw in loads of other bells and whistles will drop the hardest.

Is 120Hz needed for PS5?

You don't need an 120Hz TV to play PS5, but pairing the new gen console with a high refresh screen will unlock its potential. In supported games like Overwatch 2, you'll be able to experience faster, more responsive visuals with a high frame rate to boot. However, keep in mind that only selected releases support 120Hz, and many PS5 games reduce resolution to 1440p to boost fps.

Why are 120Hz TVs so expensive?

High refresh screens normally cost substantially more than their 60Hz counterparts, and that's largely because they're more expensive to produce. That's not to say you can't pick up an 120Hz screen for less, but you'll normally end up having to trade away other specs to keep prices low.

Is 60Hz vs 120Hz noticeable?

Most players will notice a difference between 60Hz and 120Hz. Displays with a latter refresh rate update on screen frames twice as fast compared to conventional models, which matters if you're playing games with a higher frame rate. If you're into competitive shooters, this will make all the difference, as your movement will feel more responsive as a result.

Last year's best Black Friday 4K 120Hz TV deals

Hisense 55U7K 55-inch | $799.99$479.99 at Best Buy
Save $320 -

Hisense 55U7K 55-inch | $799.99 $479.99 at Best Buy
Save $320 - We don't tend to see this 144Hz TV down past the $550 mark often, but Best Buy knocked it down to a new record low price that sold out at Amazon and Walmart. It'll normally set you back closer towards $650, so this deal was pretty refreshing.

Sony X85K 43-inch | $598$548 at Amazon
Save $50 -

Sony X85K 43-inch | $598 $548 at Amazon
Save $50 - In 2022, this screen would set you back $748, but natural depreciation and a Black Friday deal prompted it to reach its lowest ever price. Previous discounts only brought it down to $578, so it's easy to see why this was a good offer.

LG OLED B3 55-inch | $1,399.99$999.99 at Best BuySave $400 - 

LG OLED B3 55-inch | $1,399.99 $999.99 at Best Buy
Save $400 - The LG OLED B3 normally comes in at around $1,300, but this discount slashed it down in price. Amazon previously had this model for just $3 cheaper, so this was a deal worth checking out.

LG OLED C3 55-inch $1,499.99$1,296.99 at AmazonSave $203

LG OLED C3 55-inch | $1,499.99 $1,296.99 at Amazon
Save $203 - The C3 might be new to 2023, but ended up over $200 cheaper during Black Friday. It's crept back up in price a little throughout the sale period, but this is still a decent discount considering its an OLED screen, capable of impressive 4K 120Hz visuals.

Sony A95K QD-OLED 4K TV 55-inch | $2,798.99$1,699.99 at Best BuySave $1,100

Sony A95K QD-OLED 4K TV 55-inch | $2,798.99 $1,699.99 at Best Buy
Save $1,100 - We were previously impressed with $500 the A95K, but Best Buy smashed that previous offer to smithereens with $1,100 off.

TCL Q7 QLED 4K Smart TV 65-inch$999.99$648 at AmazonSave $352

TCL Q7 QLED 4K Smart TV 65-inch | $999.99 $648 at Amazon
Save $352 - If you were looking for an affordable 4K 120Hz experience, Amazon had you covered with this TCL discount. With over $300 off, you'd be able to unleash your PS5 and Xbox Series X's full potential in supported games, and you can even trade UHD resolution for 240Hz if you've got a midrange gaming PC.

Hisense 65U7K 65-inch | $1,049.99$699.99 at AmazonSave $350 - 

Hisense 65U7K 65-inch | $1,049.99 $699.99 at Amazon
Save $350 - This 144Hz gaming TV was 33% cheaper, giving you a higher refresh rate for less. Normally, this screen doesn't really drift below $700, but Black Friday seemingly worked its magic.

Samsung OLED S90C 65-inch$2,599.99$1,597.99 at Amazon
Save $1,002 -

Samsung OLED S90C 65-inch| $2,599.99 $1,597.99 at Amazon
Save $1,002 - The OLED S90C range was reduced on the TV maker's site, resulting in a nifty $1,000 discount on the 65-inch model. However, at Amazon, you'd save an extra two dollars. That might not sound like a lot, but at least you could gain satisfaction from knowing you got the best deal.

Samsung QD-OLED S95B 4K TV 65-inch | $2,1991,659 at Walmart 
Save $540

Samsung QD-OLED S95B 4K TV 65-inch | $2,199 $1,659 at Walmart
Save $540 - The 65-inch S95B crept back up in price, but you could still get it for more than $500 off right now at Walmart. It was an impressive deal considering its size and you'll end up with a superb OLED panel that boasts those coveted 120Hz abilities, but its AI powered processing will also upscale everything you watch to 4K.

Samsung QN90C 65-inch | $2,797.99$1,697.99 at AmazonSave $1,100 -

Samsung QN90C 65-inch | $2,797.99 $1,697.99 at Amazon
Save $1,100 - Amazon lobbed 39% off Samsung's premium QLED display, placing an appreciated gap between its current price and its usual tag. This model has been steadily dropping from MSRP for a while, but it finally set sail in the Black Friday lagoon.

Sony OLED Bravia XR A80L 65-inch$1,998$1,698 at AmazonSave $300

Sony OLED Bravia XR A80L 65-inch | $1,998 $1,698 at Amazon
Save $300 - Sony knows a thing or two about premium TVs, and this display is everything you'd expect from the longstanding brand. It's currently down to its lowest price at Amazon, and it'll pair perfectly with your PS5 thanks to its exclusive gaming features.

LG QNED80 75-inch | $1,499.99$1,096.99 at Amazon
Save $403 -

LG QNED80 75-inch | $1,499.99 $1,096.99 at Amazon
Save $403 - With 27% off in line with Black Friday, this discount has taken the QNED80 below $1,250 for the first time. Amazon is actually beating Best Buy's specifically labelled offer by a few dollars. That might not sound that impressive, but you could treat yourself to a coffee.

Samsung Q70C 75-inch | $1,599.99$1,199.99 at Best BuySave $400 -

Samsung Q70C 75-inch | $1,599.99 $1,199.99 at Best Buy
Save $400 - Best Buy slashed 25% off the extra large Samsung Q70C, and this offer takes the QLED panel to a new record low. It usually sits around $1,500, so we're surprised to see it dip below $1,200 considering its a 2023 model.

Sony Bravia XR X90L 75-inch | $1,999.99$1,499.99 at Best Buy
Save $500 -

Sony Bravia XR X90L 75-inch | $1,999.99 $1,499.99 at Best Buy
Save $500 - Best Buy knocked Sony's premium 120Hz screen down to its lowest price for Black Friday. We don't see that many X90L deals out in the wild usually, and Amazon is still sticking close to full price.

LG OLED B3 77-inch | $2,296.99$1,796.99 at Amazon
Save $500 -

LG OLED B3 77-inch | $2,296.99 $1,796.99 at Amazon
Save $500 - This $500 off the OLED B3 deal was exactly the kind of deal we were after on Black Friday, as it brought the 77-inch model to a new record low, the 22% discount smashes previous deals, and the panel would have previously set you back $3,299.99 before September.

Samsung QN90C 75-inch | $3,299.00$2,178 at WalmartSave $1,118 -

Samsung QN90C 75-inch | $3,299.00 $2,178 at Walmart
Save $1,118 - Black Friday ushered in a new QN90C record low, and was the first time we've seen it drop below $2,500, with Walmart swooping in to smash Amazon's previous price. It hasn't been at full MSRP for a while, but this discount is much deeper than usual.

Sony OLED Bravia XR A80L 77-inch$3,499 $2,699.99 at AmazonSave $801

Sony OLED Bravia XR A80L 77-inch | $3,499 $2,699.99 at Amazon
Save $801 - The 77-inch Bravia XR A80L reached a new record low during Black Friday 2023. Prices have been lowering on this one for a while now (it originally retailed at $3,499!), but this Black Friday deal means that it's cheaper than it has been all year.

LG OLED G3 77-inch$4,196.99$3,449.99 at Amazon
Save $747 -

LG OLED G3 77-inch | $4,196.99 $3,449.99 at Amazon
Save $747 - The OLED G3 is LG's 2023 flagship TV, and Black Friday lobbed $747 off the 77-inch version. Still an investment, but this marks the first time it has broken past the $3,500 mark since its release.

4K 120Hz TV deals for Black Friday in the UK

Hisense 55E7KQTUK 55-inch | £999 £575 at AO
Save £424 -

Hisense 55E7KQTUK 55-inch | £999 £575 at AO
Save £424 - For under £600, this Hisense TV packs a performance punch, and its discount brought it to a record low price. This screen originally dropped from £850 during October.

LG QNED81 50-inch | £999.99£660 at AmazonSave £339 -

LG QNED81 50-inch | £999.99 £660 at Amazon
Save £339 - LG's take on mini LED TV tech was 34% cheaper right now, and that discount smashes it down to its lowest ever price in the UK. Pretty impressive considering it sat at just under £1,000 most of the year.

Samsung QN90C 43-inch | £929£729.00 at Amazon
Save £200 -

Samsung QN90C 43-inch | £929 £729.00 at Amazon
Save £200 - Samsung's 'elite gaming TV' reached a rather lovely record low at Amazon thanks to this discount. Back in August, it actually dropped from £1,600 to just above the £1,000 mark, so we're thoroughly impressed to see it for substantially less for Black Friday.

LG OLED C2 48-inch£1,099.99£949 at CurrysSave £150

LG OLED C2 48-inch | £1,099.99 £949 at Currys
Save £150 - At under £1,000, this 48-inch LG 4K 120Hz TV was one of the best deals during Black Friday 2024. It wasn't quite down to its lowest price ever (£849 in the summer), but it was still a fantastic offer on a model that can trade blows with the newest OLED screens on the block.

LG OLED B3 55-inch£1,099.99 at Argos

LG OLED B3 55-inch | £1,099.99 at Argos
This mid-range LG OLED B3 snuck back up in cost a little from earlier this year, but the deal still offered a decent lower price. 

Samsung S90C 65 Inch TV£2,799£1,639 at AmazonSave £1,160

Samsung S90C 65 Inch TV | £2,799 £1,639 at Amazon
Save £1,160 - There's nothing sweeter than saving well over £1,100 on a high end TV, and this S90C deal was exactly that. It first plummeted from its lofty £2,999 RRP during the summer, and although it crept back up in price slightly since early 2023, it was still a very impressive saving.

Sony A95K QD-OLED 55-inch TV£2,699£1,799 at John LewisSave £900 - 

Sony A95K QD-OLED 55-inch TV | £2,699 £1,799 at John Lewis
Save £900 - This deal takes Amazon's previous lowest price and steals its lunch money. You'd normally have to pay over £2,000 to be in with a chance of snagging this screen, and we can't see it becoming the same price as regular OLED models.

LG OLED C3 77-inch | £3,299£2,699 at Amazon
Save £600 -

LG OLED C3 77-inch | £3,299 £2,699 at Amazon
Save £600 - Dipping to lowest price territory, Amazon had a huge saving on this 77-inch screen. Pricing normally wobbles at around £3,000, but this marks one of the lowest prices on this big panel yet.

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