4K 120Hz TV Black Friday deals 2023: what we expect from the best sales and where to find them

Black Friday 4K 120HZ TV deals
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If you're looking to upgrade your TV this year, then a 4K 120Hz TV Black Friday deal could be the perfect opportunity for just that. As Black Friday is known for plenty of great bargains, capitalizing on deals at the right time is critical to success. We'll also probably see a multitude of deals come out on Cyber Monday, so they'll be plenty of opportunity come November 2023.  

4K 120Hz TV screens are so popular because the higher 120Hz refresh rate means console users (and PC-with-TV users, of course) can get faster, smoother images. Since there are more and more games offering super-fast frame rates, this kind of device is sure to be a key feature of Black Friday gaming deals for years to come. 

Of course, as more enter the market, competition will, hopefully, drive the price down further. We're already expecting new models from Sony, Samsung, LG, Phillips, and more throughout the year, so they will all give us a good indication of what to expect when to 4K 120Hz TV Black Friday deals.

Black Friday 4K 120Hz TV deals FAQs

When will 4K 120Hz TV Black Friday deals start?

The big day this year will be November 24th, 2023. Mark it on your calendars now. We always know this as Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving. 4K 120Hz TV Black Friday deals will start appearing earlier than that date itself - it'll be wise to be on the lookout from late October onwards, as retailers will always try and lengthen their deal periods to make early sales.

4K 120Hz Black Friday TV deals: What do we expect

The main feature we recommended looking out for in last year's 4K 120Hz TV Black Friday deals was an HDMI 2.1 connection, and we can see this playing a big part in Black Friday 2023 as well. This is how screens can provide that higher rate, allowing for more high-speed bandwidth between your device and the display. 

As lots of TVs proved to be still lacking this feature unless at the upper end of the spectrum in terms of quality and price tag, we're expecting it to become more commonplace as the year goes on. What 4K 120Hz TV Black Friday deals offer though are the perfect way to negate such premiums, and potentially get the lowest-ever prices on new TVs. 

With the Sony A95K QD-OLED 4K TV being the standout TV of 2022 and dropping below $3,000 during Black Friday sales, we're hoping to see even bigger price cuts in 2023. Sony will no doubt have some new models on sale, which will help push this cost down. The same can be said for Samsung's QN85B 2022 model as its predecessor was reduced by around $600 during the sales. If that amount is again replicated with the 2022 model, then we're onto a winner. 

Sony's entry-level 120Hz 4K model, the Sony X80J from 2021, is also starting to show its age a little, so a replacement is likely on the way. That does mean a lower price drop for this one too, previously being reduced by nearly $500 dollars. Either way, we'll have to wait and see what 2023 brings. 

Should you wait for the 4K 120Hz TV Black Friday deals?

You don't necessarily have to wait right until November if you see a great offer today. Of course, the likelihood is that there will be more chances than at any other point in the year to get a cracking deal during Black Friday. You will often find retailers and manufacturers going early in November with their deals, spreading them over a longer period of time nowadays, so your time to strike could come early.  It's all dependant on whether you are happy to wait until November 2023 to save some cash, or would prefer to take the plunge now and enjoy the benefits. 

Where will the best 4K 120Hz TV Black Friday deals be?

In terms of keeping track of the sales, one of the best places to track the 4K 120Hz TV Black Friday deals ahead of time will be right here on this page. In terms of where to look, it'll be the usual suspects - if you fancy having a poke around now, then we've listed the (very) likely top spots below.

will be a reliable first port of call for gaming tech
Best Buy: can price match, and will have great stock and variety
Samsung: get one of the best from one of the best direct
Newegg: a strong option in your hunt for a 4K 120Hz 4K TV
a big presence online and in bricks and mortar stores

likely to be your best bet throughout the sales period
Samsung: the makers of QD-OLEDs and NeoQLEDs will have great deals
Very: always a strong retailer for gaming-focused tech
a go-to place for the best and latest in TVs in the UK
Box: allows you to easily filter and browse by HDMI 2.1

Do 4K 120Hz TV prices drop on Black Friday?

Not only do we see almost all TV prices drop during Black Friday (slight exaggeration but you know what I mean), we're going to see some of them – like the 4K 120Hz beasts – drop the hardest. These are going to be some of the best price drops going as it's a spec that's rapidly become the norm over the past couple of years, and those most premium TVs that throw in loads of other bells and whistles will drop the hardest.

Last year's best Black Friday 4K 120Hz TV deals in the US


LG QNED85| 65-inch | $1,396.99 $1,096.99 at Amazon
Save $300 - With QNED, 4K color, real-time sports alerts, Filmmaker Mode, and the Game Optimizer Dashboard, this TV has a range of handy features and a beautiful, crisp display – and, at a $300 discount, it's was well worth checking out.


Samsung QN55QN90BA Neo QLED 4K | 55-inch | $1,899.99  $1,297.99 at Target
Save $602 - Almost $1,300 was a fair price to pay for a TV that not only supports 4K visuals and has a 120Hz refresh rate but also features Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound. Not to mention built-in Google Assistant and Bluetooth connectivity.


Samsung QD-OLED S95B 4K TV | 65-inch | $2,799.99 $1,799.99 at Samsung
Save $1,000 - Not to sound too much like an echo here, but given that this was widely considered to be the second-best TV of 2022, we have to recommend it as well. Yup, it was also that good and just behind the A95K on pure performance. At its lowest-ever price, it's was an incredibly attractive offer too.


Sony A95K QD-OLED 4K TV | 65-inch | $3,479.99 $2,998.00 at Walmart
Save $481.99 - Given that this is widely considered to be the best TV of 2022, period, we had to recommend this as a deal.


LG C1 OLED 4K TV | 83-inch | $5,999.99 $3,649.95 at Amazon
Save $2,350 - If you look at 2021's LG OLED line-up you can get what is arguably some of the best value for money when looking at the best 4K 120Hz TVs. This price on the also-enormous C1 demonstrated that beautifully.


LG G2 OLED 4K TV | 83-inch | $6,499.99 $4,796.99 at Amazon
Save $1,703 - This was probably the best large-scale 4K 120hz TV of 2022 – more importantly, this was the lowest-ever price we'd seen, and that made for an astonishing deal.


LG Class 4K UHD OLED TV | 65-inch |$1,899.99 $1,399.99 at Target
Save $500 - Despite having one of the thinnest screens we'd ever seen on a TV, this LG 4K OLED TV still had a lot going for it. With a super fast refresh rate (120Hz) and gaming features, this TV has once again got gamers' needs written all over it. 


Sony BRAVIA XR 4K Ultra HD TV | 65-inch |
$1,599.99 $998.00 at Walmart
Save $601.99 - It's not quite as big as the one featured above, but this Sony TV is the perfect accompaniment to the PS5. Standing at 65 inches tall at less than $1,000, the Bravia range comes with exclusive features for the PlayStation 5.

Hisense ULED 55" U7G 4K TV | $849.99 $599.99 at Amazon
Save $250 - This Hisense set boasts the company's ULED technology for a better picture than its standard screen, along with 120hz support and Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision support. At just under $600, it was an ideal budget screen in last year's sales.


Hisense 65U7HQTUK 4K 120Hz | 65-inch | £1,299.00 £799.00 at Amazon
Save £500 - Hisense is a decent brand for both day-to-day and gaming, while also providing a great entry point for 4K TVs with 120hz. This 65-inch TV had been slashed by 38%, making it a perfect purchase in time for the World Cup.


Hisense 43E77HQTUK QLED Gaming Series 4K | 43-inch |£399 £288 at Amazon
Save £111 - Here's another that was perfect to hook your games console of choice up to. With its own dedicated 'Game Mode', users were able to make adjustments to the TV to ensure lower latency and reduce lag. 


LG C2 OLED 4K TV | 55-inch | £1,269.00 £1,149.00 at Amazon
Save £120 - When we're considering the best 4K 120Hz TVs going, we had to include the C- or G-series from LG. At £120 discount, it made a good TV even better.


Samsung QE75Q70BATXXU 4K Ultra HD QLED | 75-inch | £1,999.00 £1,599.00 at Currys
Save £400 - Samsung's QLED 75-inch TV is ginormous, packing quite a punch in quality and similarly quite a punch in price. That said, this £400 discount from Currys which reduced it by 20% made it much more tempting.


Samsung S95B QD-OLED 4K TV | 65-inch | £3,299.00 £1,549.00 at Box
Save £1,750 - We couldn't ignore this one in the context of 4K 120Hz TVs! Along with the Sony A95K, the Samsung S95B is breaking new ground in the TV market, and it was an exceptional deal at this price.


Samsung QE85 4K Ultra HD HDR QLED TV| 85-inch | £2,999.00 £1,499.00 at Currys
Save £1,500 - With Bixby, Alexa, and Google Assistant included, this model really puts the "smart" in smart TV. Plus, the Quantum 4K Processor automatically puts everything in 4K for a crisp viewing experience. 


Sony A95K QD-OLED 4K TV + free £200 e-voucher| 55-inch | £2,699 £2,095 at Box
Save £504 - Yup, we had to highlight this TV in the UK at this price and when looking at 4K 120hz screens. You could have saved money by getting a record-low price along with bagging a £200 voucher all in this deal at Box.


Hisense 55U7HQTUK 4K TV | 55-inch | £899.00 £547.00 at Amazon
Save £352 - Just like all the others on this list, the Hisense 55U7HQTUK supports 4K and has a 120Hz refresh rate. Don't be fooled by the cheaper nature of this one as it still packs a punch with Dolby ATMOS and Dolby Vision built-in. 

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