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Amazon Prime Day TV sales live: all the biggest deals on screens of sizes and types

We're bringing you the latest Amazon Prime TV sales and deals right here

Prime Early Access Sale TV deals
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The Amazon Prime Day TV sales are now live as we enter this brand-new sales event from the retail behemoth. I'm Rob from GamesRadar's hardware team and I'll be your TV sherpa for the next few hours or so. And yes, when I say brand new, we did have a Prime Day event in October of 2020, but this year's event is new as it comes in addition to the usual summer Prime Day event.

New sale event or old, we've been tracking gaming tech and hardware deals for years and years now so we know where to look to find the best Amazon Prime Day TV sales and deals - and sometimes an Amazon event brings cracking deals at other retailers too, so it pays to throw your net wide. This means we'll be very well catered for and we'll be posting some of the best Amazon Prime Day TV sales right here throughout the next two days.

In terms of specifics, we're seeing deals across all the spectrums that cover TVs: from small screens to massive, from artsy panels to gaming-specced screens, and from top-of-the-range 4K panels to 8K future-proofers. If you're after a deal on any kind of TV, then it'll be here. Remember though,m the best deals are still behind the Amazon Prime membership so you'll need one of those - or a free trial - to get access to the best this side of the likes of the Black Friday Sony TV deals and Black Friday Samsung TV deals.

As the sales event rumbles on, we'll be posting our top picks spanning every kind of TV function, need, size, and niche to keep you covered no matter what you're looking for.

Today's best Amazon Prime Day TV sales in the US

Today's best Amazon Prime Day TV sales in the UK


LG C1 OLED 4K TV 65-inch now just $1,496.99 at Amazon (was $2,499)

LG C1 lowest ever price

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It wouldn't be right if we didn't immediately highlight the LG C1, would it? Despite it being from last year's range, the C1 from LG is still probably the best OLED big screen you can buy right now - particularly with the 65-inch model at this price point of $1,496 (was $2,499). At this record-equalling low price, it's an extremely good deal and at a level we can't be certain will be beaten during Black Friday. Even though the 'age' of the screen means its MSRP has slid (and thus the discount is smaller), this is still one of the best Amazon Prime Day TV deals we're likely to see.

UK best deal: LG C1 55-inch 4K TV: now just £1,049 (was £1,699.99) at Amazon

 Hisense U7G 75-inch ULED 4K TV now just $999.99 (was $1,499) at Amazon

Hisense U7G 4K TV deal

(Image credit: Future)

But it's not all about the most flashiest, most feature-laden TVs. For example, Hisense screens are excellent entry-level and mid-range TVs. And, in the face of those premium TVs whose price tags can skyrocket, such screens as this U7G behemoth show that there is real quality to be had at value-busting prices. This is not quite a record low, as it flashed down to this price in July but only really briefly. However, the value is undeniable - if you're after a great screen to fill a wall then you can't go too wrong with this sale price of $999.99 (was $1,499).

Sony A95K QD-OLED 4K TV down to $2,798 (was $2,999) at Amazon


(Image credit: Future)

While we have seen this price before, it's still a record low meaning the value here - on one of 2022's most-premium, very best TVs, no less - is immense. No matter what you're after a TV for, be it gaming, sports, movies, or just a big upgrade for your main screen, the Sony A95K is at the very top of the pile, with its new QD-OLED tech making huge waves in the market this year. At $2,798 (was $2,999), this 55-incher is a great deal and sure to be one of the most popular deals this autumn and winter.

UK Price: £2,399 at Amazon (was £2,699)

43-inch Amazon Fire TV now just $299.99 at Amazon (was $369.99)

Amazon Fire TV deal Prime Day Sale

(Image credit: Future)

While this isn't quite the lowest ever price on this TV, it sure is value-busting. Amazon's Fire TVs get the deal treatment regularly from the retailer as its an own brand, but the TVs are genuine bargains at these prices. For just $299.99 (was $369.99) you're getting 43-inches of reliable, solid TV that'll do a superb job of providing you with all your streaming services or be an excellent second or third screen in the home.

LG A1 OLED 4K TV is now just $646.99 at Amazon (was $669.99)

LG A1 4K TV deal

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This might look like only a small discount - which it is - but it's a significant one: this new price means the 48-inch A1 has reached a new record low price - at just $646.99 it really is a steal and represents excellent value for money. If you're looking for a quality LG OLED TV without chasing the biggest numbers or the flashiest features, then the A1, even though its from last year, is an excellent choice.

UK price: £799 (was £899) at Amazon

Insignia 43-inch F30 4K TV is now just $199.99 at Amazon (was $299.99)

Insignia 4K TV deal

(Image credit: Future)

Now, back in Absolute Bargain 4K TV land we've got the Insignia 43-inch F30 which, while it won't any mega prizes for being the most feature-filled TV, will certainly do a great job when you're budget can't be stretched. It's also a smart Fire TV too so you can get straight into streaming all your favourite shows. Perfect for a secondary or tertiary TV in the home , and one for dedicated streaming, this price of just $199.99 is a bargain.

Get the brand-new Samsung S95B QD-OLED 55-inch 4K TV for $1,597.99 right now at Amazon (Was $2,197.99)

Samsung S95B 4K TV deal

(Image credit: Future)

Along with Sony's A95K - below on this page too with a record low price - I am intensely excited and interested in the S95B and it's QD-OLED tech. It really does seem to be the new horizon of TV technology and development, offering the best of both OLED and QLED worlds. The reviews seems to confirm that this is the case too. If that excites you too, for gaming, movies, or just about anything then the S95B going for $1,597.99 at Amazon right now is a deal worth some serious consideration (it was $2,197.99).

Hisense 58-inch ULED U6 Series 4K TV is now $449.99 at Amazon (was $599.99)

Hisense U6 4K TV deal

(Image credit: Future)

Sitting firmly, and comfortably, in the mid-range tier of the Amazon prime Day TV sales today are screens like this beaut from Hisense. This U6 ULED model offers a sizeable 58-inch panel, and trims off some features here and there to just concentrate on maximising the quality of the screen. And now that it's at a lowest ever price of $449.99 at Amazon (was $599.99) it manages to offer that value even more acutely. A belter of a TV, and a value-busting price.

LG G2 55-inch TV is down to $1,696.99 at Amazon (was $2,099.99)

LG G2 Prime Day TV deals

(Image credit: Future)

LG's G-series television are the cream of the crop from the Korean company, and this year's G2 is now different. Offering arguably the best OLED picture and performance going this TV is great for any specific use - gaming included. And now this lowest ever price of $1,696.99 at Amazon (was $2,099.99) makes it more tempting than ever, and literally the best time to snap this screen up.

TCL 50-inch 4K UHD QLED Smart TV now $429.99 (was $699.99) at Amazon


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This 50-inch TCL QLED TV is perfect if you're looking for something a little more premium than a straight 4K display, but don't want to break the bank. You're spending just $429.99 on this panel in Amazon's latest Prime Day TV sales, and saving $270 in the process. That's a solid offer considering this has been stuck above $440 for most of the year so far. 

Insignia F20 32-inch HD TV, now $99.99 (was $179.99) at Best Buy

Insignia TV

(Image credit: Future)

We're taking a trip over to Best Buy now, for an $80 discount on this already cheap 32-inch HD TV. You're dropping some of the more modern advancements here, like 4K resolution. However, if you're after a smaller 32-inch panel and don't mind dropping the quality this is an excellent offer - just $99.99 for a smart TV with all the apps you could ask for. 

Toshiba 50-inch C350 4K UHD Smart TV, now $299.99 (was $429.99) at Amazon

Toshiba Prime Day TV sale

(Image credit: Future)

We rarely see 50-inch 4K TVs under $300, but this Toshiba has taken an excellent $130 discount down to $299.99 in today's Prime Day TV sales. That's a solid result, especially if you're after the ease of a Fire-enabled TV to boot. We have seen this model drop briefly to $289 in August, but generally this screen sits well above $300. 

Vizio 55-inch OLED 4K UHD TV, now $959.99 (was $1,199.99) at Amazon


(Image credit: Future)

This Vizio OLED TV is accomplishing something rare, offering up an OLED TV for under $1,000 without compromising specs like a 120Hz refresh rate and HDMI 2.1. That's an excellent result, and perfect for anyone looking to upgrade without breaking the bank. You're saving $240 here, bringing that $1,199.99 MSRP down to $959.99

TCL 32" Class 3-Series HD 720p LED Smart Roku TV - was $229.99 now $139.99