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Multiple Xbox Series X and PS5 restocks confirmed at Walmart today - here's when

PS5/Xbox SeriesX
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Great news folks, Walmart will be getting Xbox Series X and PS5 restocks in today and it sounds like you'll have a better chance than usual to try and bag one. Stock will be released every 10 minutes for an hour at a time from both 9am and 6pm PT. Here's where you need to check for stock at those times:

So clear out a couple of hours in your schedule to camp on those links if you can. And don't forget, the stock will be released every ten minutes. So if you're met with a "This item is out of stock message", don't give up straight away, as stock will come back soon after during those two one-hour windows.

We'd get onto the site early and get yourself signed in as soon as possible and make sure all your shipping and payment info is entered and good to go. The Walmart site might struggle to load pages during the transaction as there will be a lot of people hitting the site all at the same time, so we'd hate for it to crash out on you when you're trying to enter your details. Good luck!

Amazon is always worth keeping an eye too on as the massive online store has been known to drop stock at random during the week.

We've picked out some other retailers below you should check in on as often as possible in the UK and USA. Our PS5 restock and Xbox Series X restocks guides are updated on a regular basis too if you'd like to see what patterns to look out for, not to mention a deeper dive on what stores are most likely to come up with the restock goods.

Check these stores for PS5 restocks

Check these stores for Xbox Series X restocks

Check these stores for Xbox Series S restocks

Once your new console is on its merry way, be sure to check out our guides on the best PS5 headsets or best Xbox Series X headsets and best TV for PS5 and Xbox Series X if you want the top audio-visual experience to go alongside your new pride and joy. And if you find yourself running out of storage capacity further down the line, then our PS5 SSD or best PS5 external hard drives or Xbox Series X external hard drives guides will be of use.

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