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Xbox Series X restock updates: where to buy the new Xbox consoles

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Xbox Series X stock is still available right now, with plenty of retailers offering consoles right now. In the US, we'd recommend heading straight over to Microsoft (opens in new tab) for a surefire supply of new consoles. However, if you're playing the long game it's worth keeping a close eye on that Amazon listing (opens in new tab). You can sign up for email invites and, if you're lucky, you'll receive an exclusive link when the next wave of Xbox Series X stock goes live.

That certainly bodes well for those concerned about the longevity of the current Xbox Series X stock wave. Over in the UK, we're still seeing a steady stream of consoles available at Amazon (opens in new tab) as well. 

These consoles have been available for long enough now that we're confident stock woes are starting to ease. We can't take anything for granted, though - we could all be back to hunting for rare Xbox Series X restocks soon enough. That means we still wouldn't take too long to claim your console wherever it's available.

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Xbox Series X | $499 at Microsoft (opens in new tab)
Microsoft is still offering the Xbox Series X in stock this week - with a range of refurbished units on sale for a hair less as well. We've seen this supply holding out well over the last few weeks.

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Xbox Series X | £449.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
While we saw the first ever discounts on Xbox Series X stock at Amazon last month, this device is back up to full price right now. We wouldn't count on that £10 saving returning any time soon, though, so anyone in the UK after a new console should still take advantage of this crop.

Where to find an Xbox Series X restock

Our pro tip for finding Xbox Series X stock is to familiarise yourself with previous drop patterns. Walmart tends to offer a chance to buy Xbox Series X on Thursday, for example. You can check out the most recent Xbox Series X restocks below.


Amazon: Register for invite (opens in new tab)
In stock now (opens in new tab) 
Best Buy: Check for updates (last seen July 23) (opens in new tab)
Walmart: Check for updates (last seen June 1) (opens in new tab)
Check for updates (last seen January 20) (opens in new tab)
GameStop: Check for updates (last seen March 31) (opens in new tab)
Target: Check for updates (last seen February 10) (opens in new tab)
Newegg: Check for updates (last seen April 15) (opens in new tab)


Amazon: in stock now (opens in new tab)
Very: Check for updates (opens in new tab)
Argos: Check for updates (opens in new tab)
Microsoft: Check for updates (opens in new tab)
Currys: Check for updates (opens in new tab)
John Lewis: Check for updates (opens in new tab)
BT: Check for updates (opens in new tab)

Where to buy Xbox Series S

We've seen the Xbox Series S in stock far more often than the Xbox Series X, which means those who just want to pick up the cheaper console should have a better time of finding availability on the shelves. We've even seen a very small handful of Xbox Series S deals hitting the market in the last few months as well. If you're torn between the two, we're also rounding up all the Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S differences. 

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Xbox Series S | $299.99 $279 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $20.99
- We're actually seeing the lowest recorded price ever on the Xbox Series S right now, thanks to a $20 discount at Amazon. This offer is likely time limited or while stocks lasts so this is your chance to pick up this console at its best price yet.

Where to buy Xbox Series X - USA

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Microsoft (opens in new tab)
Microsoft has comfortably held the Xbox Series X in stock for a while. That means it's the best place to pick up the console right now - and you'll even find the odd discount on a renewed model to boot.

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Amazon (opens in new tab)
Amazon has held a few Xbox Series X restocks this year so far, but has been lagging behind the competition in general. It's worth noting that Prime members have been promised first dibs on PS5 consoles, so keep an eye out if you do have a subscription handy.

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Walmart (opens in new tab)
Walmart kicked off 2022 with an Xbox Series X restock of its own. However, as with many of its previous drops, these eary waves were reserved for paying Walmart Plus (opens in new tab) members. We'd heavily recommend investing in the service if you're still on the hunt for a console, as we don't expect to see too many general population restocks in the near future. However, it's worth noting that some had their orders cancelled after this Xbox Series X restock ended, so tread carefully.

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Best Buy (opens in new tab)
Best Buy also has the Xbox Series X in stock right now, after dipping for a few weeks following its previous restock. Delivery times vary depending on where you're based, but there doesn't seem to be a major delay to getting this stock out and in the wild.

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GameStop (opens in new tab)
Restocks often come in bundle form for the Series X, so look out for GameStop charging as much as possible for every single item in there too. After a quiet few weeks, GameStop did at least get some units in not so long ago. We've also seen more in-store only waves hitting here.

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Target (opens in new tab)
We'd advise keeping an eye on Target on Wednesdays and Thursdays as it has form for getting Xbox Series X stock then - although it has been quiet lately, and even had units on a Sunday once. Target's Xbox stock is also regional with in-store pickup often required, so you might get lucky in your zipcode. Head on over and see!

Where to buy Xbox Series X - UK

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Amazon (opens in new tab)
UK Xbox Series X stock hunters should head straight to Amazon. We've seen the console thriving here in the last week, with plenty of units to go around.

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Very (opens in new tab)
We've seen more Xbox Series X restocks here than most other stores combined. You have to be quick to grab the ones that are selling the console on its own though as Very does save some stock to be sold as bundles with extras like a second controller or online sub. On the plus side, they're just at standard costs rather than ridiculously over-inflated prices.

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Currys (opens in new tab)
The digital queues are back when stock does appear so you'll have to hang on in there for up to an hour sometimes. The site is prone to falling over under the strain (maybe more on PS5 days), so it can be a frustrating experience.

(opens in new tab)
(opens in new tab)Tired of missing out to scalpers? Box has been the dark horse for the new consoles of late and has been trying something different ahead of drops as it often opens up an online ballot (opens in new tab) where you effectively pop your email into a hat for a fair chance to buy an Xbox Series X when it's back in stock.

Why was the Xbox Series X out of stock?

The Xbox Series X stock shortage has a few causes, all working together to make it fairly difficult to pick up a new console. Chip shortages across the tech world have slowed production on everything from consoles to mobile phones due to the pandemic. 

Back in early 2020, chip makers pivoted from declining markets like the automotive industry to meet the incredible demand for consumer electronics. This involved new processes and workloads, as the semi-conductor market scrambled to switch its focus. As the world shut down, however, so did factories and ports. That's when bad luck kicked in, as droughts, fires, and winter storms damaged chip plants and halted manufacture even further.

The events of the last 24 months have all swirled together to make it difficult for Microsoft to order enough chips to produce enough consoles and meet demand. 

What times do retailers offer Xbox Series X restocks?

While timings can differ, generally US retailers launch Xbox Series X restocks in the late morning / early afternoon ET. Best Buy typically drops at around 12pm ET / 9am PT, with GameStop offering earlier drops from 10.30am ET / 7.30am PT onwards. Walmart has stuck to a fairly rigid 3pm ET / 12pm PT launch schedule over the last few months, however. That means we'd recommend keeping your hunt up between the hours of 10am ET / 7am PT and 4pm ET / 1pm PT. 

Over in the UK, however, Xbox Series X restocks typically land in the morning. Game is known to drop its stock before 9am, but sites like Ebuyer, AO, Argos, and The Game Collection aren't too far behind, all dropping stock before midday in general. 

Xbox Series X accessories

If you manage to score yourself an Xbox Series X restock, however, there are plenty of accessories lining the shelves. Picking up a spare controller or one of the best Xbox Series X headsets won't be as difficult as picking up the box itself. There's also some excellent news in the fact that you can still use your Xbox One controller on your new console as well. 

For the full rundown on the most essential items, check out our guide to the best Xbox Series X accessories. We're also rounding up all the latest Xbox Game Pass deals and Xbox Live Gold 12 month prices further down as well. 

xbox series x controller series s

SteelSeries Arctis 9X

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Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X

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xbox game pass

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xbox live gold

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If you're not quite ready to drop the cash tomorrow take a look at Josh's Xbox Series X review and Xbox Series S review for the full verdicts and be sure to keep an eye on our regularly-updated guides to the latest PS5 deals if you're on the fence between brands.

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