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PS5 restock updates: Where to buy a PlayStation 5

PS5 stock where to buy ps5
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PS5 restock updates are few and far between right now, which means actually figuring out how to buy a PlayStation 5 isn't easy at all. Gone are the days of popping down to your local retailer or smashing the Buy Now button online, and instead you've got to play an expensive game of Whack-a-Mole. But, we're here to help. We've been monitoring the online retailers and have unearthed some patterns and behaviors that should be of assistance.

That means we usually have some sort of vague idea when the next chance to buy a PS5 will happen, so it's best to just bookmark this page and check back regularly. We've included links to all the major retailers we expect to see with PS5 stock now or in the future, so you'll just be a couple clicks away from bagging Sony's new-gen hardware.

In an effort to help you find a PS5 at retail price, here are the easiest links for PS5 restock updates in the US and UK:

We'd always advise going with stores sticking to the regular prices rather than giving in to the scalpers on online auction sites. Yes, the PS5 is lovely, but it's not worth paying over a grand for one. The only reason we'll show you something over the basic asking price of the PS5 is if has some bundled extras, but as our lonely PS5 bundles page would attest, we'd just concentrate on trying to find the console on its own for now.

If you're able to bag one, be sure to head on over to our best PS5 accessories and best PS5 headsets guides to complete your setup.

Where to buy a PS5: check these stores for stock

Let's have a closer look at some retailers below. We'll let you know what they've been up to lately and how likely they are to get PS5 restock updates any time soon.

Where to buy PS5 - USA

Where to buy PS5 - UK

Where to buy PS5 - Canada

Another item you might want to pick up once you've been able to buy a PS5 is one of the options on our best PS5 external hard drives page to increase your storage capacity. Or if you've got the need for speed, the best PS5 SSD might be worth a look.