Man of Steel's Dylan Sprayberry would love to return as Superman in the DCU

Dylan Sprayberry in Man of Steel
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The DCU has undergone a big shake-up since James Gunn and Peter Safran took over as the new heads of DC Studios. Under their plan for Chapter One: Gods and Monsters, they confirmed they're working on a new Superman: Legacy film set earlier during Clark Kent's life. Currently, no casting has been announced, but while Henry Cavill definitely won't be coming back, Man of Steel actor Dylan Sprayberry has told SFX that he'd love to return to the role. He played a teenage Kent in the 2013 film.

As he returns to Teen Wolf: The Movie, Sprayberry was quizzed on if he'd consider stepping back into the superhero genre in the latest issue of SFX, which features The Mandalorian season 3 on the cover. "I have thought a lot about it," he explains. "For me, I feel like I got to play one of the best superheroes in one of my favorite versions of a superhero movie ever. Man Of Steel was amazing. Henry Cavill, Zack Snyder and everyone involved did an amazing job. Michael Shannon was a great General Zod. I already got to work on what I consider to be the pinnacle of a superhero movie. 

"If it made sense to step back into playing a young Superman or a teenage Superman it could be very fun. And because I already did it, it would be very cool to continue the storyline, with me playing the character, and see how that went. I feel like I could do an excellent job."

The actor adds: "In terms of other roles, I always wanted to play Wolverine. That was one character that I always loved. If I had one of these characters that was my childhood fantasy to play, I would definitely do it. But I wouldn't just jump into a superhero movie off the bat because it's almost like I am holding out to play one of those really special characters that I love."

Sprayberry is best known as the brooding werewolf Liam on MTV's Teen Wolf. The TV series concluded its six-season run in 2017, but Sprayberry recently reprised his role for Teen Wolf: The Movie. "We obviously have things that aren't similar, but there is a lot of me in Liam that is very similar," he adds to SFX of returning to the character. "In a small way, it's like I am being appreciated for being close to who I really am. A lot of the emotion and characteristics of Liam are personal to me because they come from me meshing with the character. It feels nice that a lot of people resonated with the arc of Liam's struggle and growth throughout the seasons."

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