A new Superman movie is coming in 2025

Superman #1 DC3
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DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran have announced Superman: Legacy, a new adventure for Clark Kent.

"This is really the start of the DCU," Safran said in a statement. According to Deadline, no director is attached, but Safran is keen for Gunn to helm the movie. "It’s not an origins story, it focuses on Superman’s balancing his Kryptonian heritage with his human upbringing. He’s the embodiment of truth, justice and the American way, he’s kindness in a world that thinks of kindness as old fashioned." We also have a release date for the movie: July 11, 2025. No casting details have been confirmed yet, either. 

This isn't the first time we've heard about a new Superman project in the works since Gunn and Safran took the reins at DC in 2022. "In the initial stages, our story will be focusing on an earlier part of Superman’s life, so the character will not be played by Henry Cavill. But we just had a great meeting with Henry and we’re big fans and we talked about a number of exciting possibilities to work together in the future," Gunn tweeted last year, after Cavill confirmed he would not be returning to the role despite a cameo in the Black Adam post-credits scene

Gunn is penning the script for the movie, which, as mentioned, will take place during Superman's early years. The film is said to follow Clark Kent's time as a cub reporter at The Daily Planet newspaper in Metropolis and will see him meet key characters in Superman lore like Lois Lane. 

Superman: Legacy is part of a brand new chapter for the studio – DCU Chapter One: Gods and Monsters. If you need to catch up on the DCEU, check out our guide on how to watch the DC movies in order.

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