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Madden 19 is just $15 right now, plus loads more Xbox One titles on offer at Walmart

Madden 19 is just $15 right now, plus loads more Xbox One titles on offer at Walmart
Madden 19 is just $15 right now, plus loads more Xbox One titles on offer at Walmart
Walmart gaming deals

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It's just not possible to constantly buy the latest and greatest titles at release price unless you're incredible fortunate. However, if you're patient then prices will fall, and if you're lucky, like right now, then multiple offers and discounts occur at the same time. Such a time is now at Walmart where you can bag some seriously big-hitting titles for bargain prices. From sports games, to adventures, to challenging single players to online co-ops, there's something here for everyone. And to whet your appetite, we've gathered a few up right here for your attention, though you can check out all their Xbox One games here.

Madden 19 | $14.99 (was $60)
One of the best sports games of the generation, at this price MAdden 19 is a great way to get your virtual NFL hit and live life on/as an NFL team vicariously through a videogame.View Deal

Monster Hunter World | $18.15 (was $59.82)
Offering an enormous and bombastic monster-slaying experience, Monster Hunter World for $18 is excellent value, and will get you loads of bang for your buck.View Deal

A Way Out | $18.08 (was $29.87)
Demonstrating an original take on co-op gaming, A Way Out's novel, splitscreen experience is well worth it at this price.View Deal

Far Cry New Dawn | $24.45 (was $39.99)
Far Cry's take on the post-apocalypse is an action-packed romp around Montana, with mad levels of unadulterated fun.View Deal

Dark Souls: Remastered | $19.99 (was $39.99)
The pristine, sharpened up iteration of the classic, challenging action RPG is very tempting at just $20 particularity if you've never tried the Souls games before.View Deal

Some of these offer some pretty mega bang for buck given the depth of the games, the size of their open world environments, and their post-release DLC content - a lot of which will be available now too. So, if you've been waiting for a bargain on a particular title, or want to stock up on a few more before we enter the last phase of this generation, then now is your time to pounce.

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