Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon gem and boo locations guide


Welcome to Haunted Towers B-2, The Pinwheel Gate. If you've been following our guide, there will be 3 Gem Stones that we recommend grabbing here that you haven't already found, as well as one Boo to track down.

Start off by heading through the gate into the Courtyard, and continue to the Pinwheel gate in the back. Once there, spin it with your vacuum to cause some ghosts to appear that will run off with 5 of the 6 pinwheel vanes, that you'll then have to go search for. Start things off by heading east into the Hydro Generator room. Now flash the nearby control panel to open the door, then continue into the East Hall. Here you'll see 3 of those conniving ghosts before they all go their separate ways. Follow the one who went North first by using the Dark Light to reveal the door ahead, then continue through it into the Gardener's Dwelling.

Approach the wardrobe in the northeast corner to discover that same ghost, who'll then hightail it to an area below. To follow him, first use the vacuum to spin the ceiling fan, causing the bed to recede into the wall, revealing a hidden lift below. The catch is that Luigi isn't heavy enough to weigh it down, but you can solve that by grabbing and holding the nearby bucket of water. At the bottom, keep your distance from the plant-monster while you take down the ghosts. Once you've captured them all, the first Pinwheel vain will be yours.

In addition, the mission's Boo is hiding nearby. Follow the waterway to a door on the left, which leads into the Sewer. Use your vacuum to pull down the the first dangling object, causing the Boo to reveal himself. Now head back to the lift. The thing is, you can't actually ride it back up. Instead, pull off one of the nearby berries to use as a balloon and float your way back up.

Now exit back into the East Hall and take the door on the right, leading into the Tool Shed. Clear the ghosts from the room to obtain the second Pinwheel vain. Now exit through the southeastern door into the Garden.

Here you'll find another one of those vain-stealing ghosts, but he'll jet off into a section blocked by some plants. To get through, head north to find a lawnmower that you can activate by tugging on its starter chain, causing it to mow down the bushes in the way. Head on through the gap and take down the ghosts that appear to retrieve the third vain.

But before you leave, grab one of the nearby buckets and fill it with water from the northern pipe. Use it to water the third plant in the garden, making it grow, then flash it with your light to reveal the mansion's 3rd gem. Now return to the Tool Shed

This time, interact with the fountain in the northeast corner to discover a secret entrance into the Tool Shed Stairs. Carefully follow the moving stairs to the floor above. Take down the ghost that appears, then skip the first door, which is fake, continue through the one on the left, into the Botany Lab. Here, first use your Dark Light to reveal the missing section of pipe above the water pump. With the pipe restored, activate the water pump by flashing all three of the light-sensors at the same time. This will fill the test tube with water, causing the plant it contains to become supersized, providing an entry point to the room above. But before you climb it, there's a gem also located in this room. To get it, first grab the bucket from the table and bring it over to the water pump. Now activate the pump to get the water flowing and fill the bucket . Use it to water the plant in the northeastern corner, causing it to grow, then flash it with your light to reveal the mansion's 4th gem.

Afterward, climb the large plant in the center of the room up to the Seedling Labratory. One of the ghosts here is carrying a beaker which shields him from being blinded, but you can rip it from him just as if he were wearing sunglasses. Once you've cleared the room, the 4th vain will be yours.

As you go to leave the room, you might notice a mouse running among the potted plants...and he seems to be carrying a gem! But you can't get close enough to snag it without scaring him away. To solve this problem, grab hold of the launcher in the middle of the room and fire it at the mouse. Aiming it can be tricky, so it's best to line up your shot and wait for the mouse to pass by. If you score a direct hit, the mansion's 5th gem will be yours for the taking. Now exit the room via the southeastern door, which leads to the 3rd floor of Toolshed Stairs.

Climb the stairs and follow the walkway to another door. Take down the Slammers inside, then play the organ to reveal the final ghost. Once clear, you'll be awarded the 5th and final Pinwheel Vain