Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon gem and boo locations guide


Welcome to Treacherous Mansion E-5, Paranormal Chaos. If you've been following our guide, there are no Gem Stones to find since you've already found them all, but there is still 1 Boo waiting to be tracked down.

This level's a little different than the others, but before we get to that, let's go track down that Boo since there may not time to later. Head to the Aviation Exhibit and shine your Dark Light in the middle of the room to reveal the Hot Air Balloon and this mission's Boo.

With the Boo out of the way, head for the Terrace, via the northern door int he Inner Courtyard. There you'll discover King Boo, and he's up to his usual no good tricks, this time unleashing a steady stream of ghosts into the Mansion, and it's up to you to hunt them all down. Thankfully, the locations of the ghosts are marked on your map. And the color of the room indicates the the length of time that the room's been infested, with green being on the shorter end and red being the danger zone. And if in any one room remains in the red state for too long, a 3-minute countdown will eventually appear and if you don't clear that room before time's up, it's Game Over. Now because you can't exit an infested room until it's clear, it's critical to target any red rooms first, followed by yellow, then green. Because time is of the essence, you can't afford to waste any time. This means that you should use the portals to get around as often as possible. And you'll also want to capture the ghosts in each room as quickly as possible, so unleash some fully charged strobe lights to stun as many ghosts as you can at the same time for capture.

If you manage to clear all the rooms, you'll then have to return to the terrace where you'll take on one final round of ghosts--and like before, there's a time-limit here too. Now there's not a ton of strategy to this beyond what we've already suggested, but here are a few tips. For one, try to strobe light the ghosts as they enter through the portal to easily stun a bunch of them at once. Secondly, take down the Sneakers as soon as you can so they don't constantly interrupt the capture process. And finally save the large Gobber ghost for last when he appears and clear all the others out first to make his capture much easier. Once you clear the terrace, the mission will be complete