Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon gem and boo locations guide


Welcome to Gloomy Manor A-5, Sticky Situation. If you've been following our guide, there will be 4 Gem Stones that we recommend grabbing here that you haven't already found, as well as one Boo to track down. Now your objective in this mission is to suck up all the cobwebs from the rooms marked on your map. But because the total amount and locations of the webs are randomly generated, it's impossible to provide a step-by-step walkthrough. Thankfully, this mission is also the one that least requires it, as your map helpfully marks the locations of every room that needs cleaning. Then just go room to room, searching high and low for the cobwebs until the marker disappears from the map, ensuring the room is clear.With that being said, there are a few locations that you always have to visit as they feature large cobwebs that involves a puzzle, so we'll help you with those, as well as where to find those 4 gems and the Boo we mentioned earlier.

So the Common Hall is one area that you'll always find the large cobwebs in. In order to get rid of them, grab the ball of silk and hold it up to the candle to ignite it. Now carry it with you to burn down all of the webs here. Once clear, head through the northern door into the library.

Use the Dark Light on the left, just past the ladder, to reveal a round object. Carry it over to the fire to reveal the mansion's 10th gem.

Now this mission's Boo is also hiding in this room. Cast the Dark Light on the northeast corner to reveal a Piano, forcing the Boo to expose himself.

Moving on, the next area that also always contains large cobwebs is the Master Hall. To deal with them, first pull off the web covering the picture to drop it onto the candle, knocking it down. Now use your vacuum to grab the silk sac attached to the ceiling and pull it toward the candle. This will ignite the web, revealing another ball of silk. Like before, carry that to the candle to ignite it, then use it to burn the large web on the other side of the hall. This will reveal a tassel you can pull that will drop the entrance to the Rafters. Go ahead and head on up.

Most of the webs here are of your usual variety, but after crossing the first beam,, you'll find a big one. To get rid of it, use your Dark Light on the painting to reveal a fire. Now use your vacuum to pull the nearby silk sac into it, igniting the web. Just a little ahead, you'll find another large web just ahead. This time suck up the painting of the cheese, exposing one of the fire. Now repeat the same process as before to clear the web.

Just beyond, you'll find the mansion's 12th gem positioned on top of the chest of drawers.

Return to the master hall and head through the closest door into the bedroom. To clear the large web here, first activate the furnace on the left. Now use your vacuum on the ceiling fan to spin the attached silk sac into the fire, then into the web. Web the web out of the way, you can head behind the dressing screen to find the mansion's 13th gem.

Now it's time to grab that 11th gem. Pull down the bed if you haven't already, and use it to reach the Study. Use your vacuum to suck up the closed curtains, revealing a painting. Shine your Dark Light on it to obtain the mansion's 11th gem.

The final location that you'll encounter large webs in is on the balcony. In this case, user your strobulb on the grill to ignite it. Now use your vacuum to grab the silk sac and pull it to the fire, which will cause it to ignite the web. Now there's still one more large web to deal with. To get rid of it, grab the ball of silk ahead and ignite it using the grill. Now carry it to the web at the end of the patio to set it ablaze. Okay, so that's all the large webs taken care of. Now just go make sure to snag all the smaller ones from all of the marked rooms on your map and you'll have this mission completed in no time.