Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon gem and boo locations guide


Welcome to Haunted Towers B-1, A Job for a Plumber. There are 2 Gem Stones that we recommend grabbing here, as well as one Boo to track down.

Because the gate is locked, use your strobulb to flash the last flower, causing it to blossom and reveal the key and use it to unlock the gate and enter the courtyard. Now head through the door on the right into the Hydro Generator room.

When the ghost leaves, go check out the equipment in the center to get a call from Egad instructing you to go check out the Water Supply on the roof. But before you leave, there's a couple of things left to do. First, grab the key from the chest on the right side.

Next, this mission's Boo is also located in this room. Simply cast your Dark Light along the northern wall, next to the chest, to reveal some drawers that you can check to expose the Boo. Now exit back into the courtyard and heard to the other side. Pull off the giant leaf with your vacuum to reveal a door that you can unlock using the key you just found; it leads into the Tower Lobby. Use your Dark Light on the northern wall to reveal a door that leads into the Greenhouse. Follow the path to the exit, where some ghosts will appear which you'll have to take down. Now these guys are equipped with shovels that generally blocks your strobe light, but they are vulnerable when they hold them to the side in preparation to attack, so keep an eye on them. Now exit through the southwestern door into the other side of the Tower Lobby.

Before climbing the stairs, take the easily-missed path just behind them to find the mansion's first gem.

Now climb the stairs up to a door that leads into the Plant Nursery. Here you'll find two large plants concealing a treasure chest. To take them down, suck up the thorny-plant from the planter box opposite them, then shoot it at one of the plants--just make sure the crosshair actually appears to ensure you hit your target. If it's a direct hit, he'll swallow it and go down for the count. Don't worry, the thorny-plant grows back, so you can take down the other one too. Once both plants are down, you'll be able to access the chest, which contains a key.

Now exit through the southeastern door onto the upper floor of the Tower Lobby. Make sure to avoid stepping onto the rug, otherwise you'll fall through a hidden hole to the floor below and you'll have to work your way back up there. Assuming you didn't fall, head through the door onto the Skybridge. Here you'll discover a swarm of bats that fly in from the background causing damage. Because they only fly in through the two middle holes, just wait for a lull between them before crossing them one at a time. Once through, use your key to unlock the door leading into the Laboratories. After you take down the ghosts, head to the small area in the southeast corner. Even though the door shuts, trapping you inside, there is a way out! Use your vacuum to pluck the berry from the right wall and attach it to your vacuum. You can now use it as a balloon to float out of here--blow into it to ascend or vacuum to descend. As you float up the shaft, watch out for the spikes that will pop your balloon. Once you exit the shaft, you should first land on the middle level, and then walk off the left side to land inside a large test tube. You'll find the mansion's 2nd gem trapped within a web here.

Now grab the berry within and balloon your way to the exit door directly above on the top level, which leads to the Water Supply. Climb the stairs to find a machine that requires two floor switches be depressed at the same time as part of the activation process. To deal with this, approach the bucket to the left to discover a ghost is using it as a helmet, which shields him from your flashlight. Wait for him to raise it over his head, making him vulnerable, then take him down. Now grab the bucket and carry it over to the leaking pipe to fill it with some kind of liquid. It'll now weight enough to serve as a Luigi-stand in for one of the switches--place it on the one closest to the machine. This will expose two of the four light-activated control panels; have Luigi stand on the remaining switch to reveal the other two. Yeah, you know what to do--face forward and flash all four at the same time to activate the Water Pump.

You're almost done here, but you'll first have to take down a large yellow ghost-type known as Gobber. This guy's curvy body-type prevents him from moving around, but he can put up a fight. Keep your distance and stay on the move to avoid his spit--and make sure to watch out for the puddles it leaves behind. Although he has a lot of health, a few charged vacuum attacks will delete it quickly. Once he's down, the mission will be complete.