Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon gem and boo locations guide


Welcome to Haunted Towers B-4, Pool Party. If you've been following our guide, there will be 5 Gem Stones that we recommend grabbing here that you haven't already found, as well as one Boo to track down.

After going through the gate into the courtyard, you'll want to head through the left door. Stun the nearby plant with your strobe light to get by him unharmed. After entering the west lobby, climb the stairs into the Plant Nursery. While your next step for the mission is located here, there's a nearby gem you can collect first. To get it, exit out the other door and continue out onto the Skybridge. Watch out for the attacking plants as you make your way to the third one at the end--take him down to find the mansion's 9th gem.

Now head back to the Plant Nursery. Inside, use your vacuum on the valve to the right to turn the water on. Watch out for the attacking plant as you grab the bucket from the northeast corner and fill it up via one of the nearby water sources. Use it to water the plant in the middle of the room, turning it into a large beanstalk that you can climb to reach Rumpus Room above. Once there, peek through the lit window in the dollhouse to see that same room from a different perspective, but this time you can see that one of the boxes is shaking. Interact with that box to reveal the room's ghosts. After you take take them down, there's a gem here you can collect. Did you notice that creepy doll following your every move? Walk around her counterclockwise to unscrew her head, revealing the mansion's 10th gem.

Now exit the room via the southeastern door, which leads into the Family Room. Although there's not much to do here, this room does contain the mission's Boo. Head to the left side of the room and use your Dark Light in the gap between the two paintings to reveal a third. Then interact with it to expose the Boo. Now exit the room via the door on the left into the Solarium.

Cast your Dark Light on the table by the stairs to reveal a treasure chest containing the mansion's 11th gem. Afterward, pull the nearby chain to make the staircase unfold--climb it up to a door that leads into the West Bedroom.

Hmm, the door's locked and there seems to be nothing to do here. To resolve this little mystery, use the vacuum on the ceiling fan to cause the wall to recede revealing 3 beds and a ghost for each one. To take them on, first pull the sheet off one of the beds to expose the ghost allowing you to stun and capture him. But after each ghost you capture, the remaining ones will peek out, just before the beds shuffle around, like that Magic cup again. Keep your eye on the prize and repeat the same thing each time to clear the room, revealing a key. Use it to unlock the door on the right leading into the West Hall.

Since the northern door is locked, exit out through the east one into the Crow's Nest. Follow the walkway to another door at the end, leading into the Conservatory. Grab one of the balloon berries from around the Organ and use it to float up to a balcony on the left. Exit through the door there onto a balcony in the crow's nest, then cast your dark light on the painting of the key to reveal, of course, an actual key!

Now the conservator is also hiding a gem. To get to it, grab another Balloon Berry and use it to reach the balcony on the right side this time. Once there, shine your dark light on the blank white spot to reveal a door. But this door actually leads to a bonus game where you have to navigate a maze to collect 8 red coins in under 15 seconds. Now this stage was designed with the 3D screen in-mind, so it's best to turn it on if you have it set to 2D. To get through, start off by heading counterclockwise and drop off the ledge. After grabbing the fifth coin, head through the gap and climb the inner staircase for the final two. If you made it, a chest will appear containing the mansion's 12 gem.

Once back in the conservatory, backtrack to the West Hall and use your key to unlock the northern door; it leads into the West Bathroom. Most of the ghosts you've fought before, but the gooey purple ones are a bit different. First use your vacuum to make them take an actual shape, then go in for the kill. With The room cleared, use the vacuum on the toilet paper roll along the left wall to reveal the mansion’s 13th and final gem.

Now take a nap on the nearby deck chair to discover the secret way to the rooftop pool. Once there, cast your Dark Light on the northwestern corner of the pool to reveal a frog statue that will spit out a key. But once you go for it, a sneaky ghost will snatch it away...and he's not alone. Now these guys like to sneak up and scare you, which interrupts whatever you're doing. And since they're invisible, they can be annoying to deal with. However, they do leave trails in the water--for this reason, it's generally best to remain in the pool while fighting them so you can track where they are. Once you capture them all, the key is your for the taking, completing the mission!