Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon gem and boo locations guide


Welcome to Gloomy Manor A-2, Gear Up. There's one Boo and 4 potential Gem Stones to be found here, but you'll have to come back later for the Boo once you have the Dark Light.

So if you didn't collect the first two gems in the first mission as we advised, now's the time to grab them since they're both near the start. For the first one, head back to the Mudroom and use the Strobulb on the control panel next to the door on the right to allow access to the Mudroom Exterior. Follow the path to discover Gemstone #1 in a tree behind the doghouse, which you can pull down with your vacuum.

Now before we show you the second Gem Stone, you should know that the the Mud Room is also hiding this mission's Boo, though you won't be able to expose him until after you find the Dark Light device in Gloomy Manor's 4th mission. Once you have it, return here and shine the Dark Light on the gap along the southern wall to reveal a hidden table where the Boo's hiding. Now just suck up the spirit balls to force him to show himself.

Regardless, head back to the Entrance and exit outside to the Front yard. Use your strobulb on the third plant from the left to reveal the second gemstone. Now let's get the mission underway!

From the entrance, head north to the foyeur. As you enter, you'll find that four ghosts have each ran off with one of the gears you'll need to activate the machine in this room--yup, it's time to track them those 4 gears. To start things off, try and go through the open door on the left. Although it'll slam shut before you can make it through, a ghost carrying a key that you need will appear. Follow him back to the Entrance way where you can take him down and obtain that key. Now head back to the foyer and use that key to unlock the door that slammed shut, on the left.

Once through, cross the Common Hall to the first door on the left that leads into the Lab. Approach the blackboard along the back wall to cause some ghosts to appear. Take them all down to reveal the first gear, which you'll find sitting on the lab equipment in the center.

Now exit back into the Common Hall and use the vacuum to up suck the wall-looking sheet on the left to reveal a hidden door. It leads into a secret gap between the rooms--suck up the debris pile inside blocking the path to find a key in the back.

Now return to the foyeur via the common hall and attempt to climb the stairs, though you won't quite make it thanks to conniving ghost. These blue ones like to hide inside various objects. If you can't spot him, look for anything that's shaking. Then get ready to strobulb him as soon as you interact with that object to stun him before he can go hide elsewhere. Once you take him out, climb the stairs for real this time and use your key to unlock the door which leads into the Master Hall. Although there are two doors accessible from this hallway, it's best to head through the southern first, which leads into the Parlor. Inside, use your vacuum on the music box in the center of the room to play a song...oh, and eventually reveal some ghosts too. Take them all out to reveal the second gear, which you can find on the right-most chair.

But before you leave, strobulb the top of the clock along the back wall to reveal the mansion’s 3rd gem.

Now exit back into the Master Hall and head through the remaining door. Inside, use your vacuum to pull on the tassel hanging from the wall, to reveal a bed. Take a load off and sit down on it to discover a hidden entrance into the Study. You'll find the 3rd gear in a cupboard between the two windows. But when get go for it, some ghosts will appear and lock it away. Like before, take them down to reopen the cupboard allowing you to pull the gear down with your vacuum. Only one more to go! And there's actually a secret exit in this room that leads right to it.

Use your vacuum to roll back the rug revealing a switch, then stand on it to put out the fire. Now enter the fireplace to drop into the the Studio. As you might have guessed, take down the ghosts here to reveal the fourth and final gear.

Before you leave, there's a spider web behind the canvas, in the left corner of the ceiling that you can suck up, which will cause it drop the mansion's 4th gem. Now suck up the debris blocking the door to exit back into the Common Hall. Then take the door on the right to return to the Foyeur. Now attempt to place the gears back onto the machine along the back wall to complete the mission.