Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon gem and boo locations guide


Welcome to Old Clockworks C-1, A Timely Entrance

There are 3 Gem Stones that we recommend grabbing here, as well as one Boo to track down. Start things off by using your strobe light on the nearby light sensor to raise the crossing gate that's blocking you in. Now before we continue with the mission, there's a gemstone nearby you can collect. Follow the railroad tracks to the right until you reach some debris obstructing the path. Use your strobe light on the red orb nearby to activate a little robot enemy that will explode, clearing the way. Now follow the tracks to the end, where you can use the Dark Light to reveal a tool box that contains the Mansion's 1st gem.

Now backtrack to the giant clock-gate you passed just a few moments earlier. To open the way, you'll have to use your vacuum on the value to set the clock to the correct time. And as you might have noticed, every other clock in the area is set to 3:30, so set this one to match. Oh, and if you go too far, just use your vacuum's blow feature to reverse it. If you set it correctly, the gate will open allowing you to head inside into the warehouse. Although the ghost here will take off, there's no shortage of things for you to do. First, use your vacuum to unravel the green spool in the machine to make it available for other uses. With the machine clear, use your Dark Light on the stack of boxes, just left of the wooden box, to reveal another green spool. Place it in that same machine and unravel it like before to reveal the Mansion's second gem.

Similarly, look for a red spool in the right half of the room and unravel it in the same way, but this time to reveal this mission's Boo.

Finally, use your strobe light on the safe on the right side of the room to reveal a golden spool. Unravel it as well to find a key., which can be used to unlock the door on the right side leading into the Workshop. Here you'll find a pair of ghosts working away. Strobe light the large robot on the table to detonate it, stunning both of the ghosts for an easy capture. With the room clear, exit through the door on the right into the Clock Tower Gate room. Use the Dark Light on the northern end of the wooden walkway to reveal a Tool Box containing the mansion's 3rd gem.

Now before you do anything else, you should first clear the room of the robot enemies stuck in the ground, just to make an upcoming ghost battle a little easier. Afterward, interact with the clock gate to get a call from E. Gadd informing you the Clock Hands have been stolen, which you'll need to track down using a special compass you'll have to find first. Following the call, some ghosts will appear, but these guys have learned a new tornado attack that can pull you in. Just keep away from them until they naturally come to a stop, leaving them vulnerable. Once you've cleared the room, grab the key that appears. Now use your vacuum to clear the sand blocking the way to the eastern door, which you can unlock with your key and head into the Cargo Room.

Here you'll find a ledge too high to reach. But you can solve this dilemma by ripping a sheet from the northern wall then flashing the robot inside. It will explode, unleashing enough sand to fill the gap, allowing you to reach the other half of the room. Once there, use your vacuum to tug the dangling chain to lower a staircase. But when you climb it, some ghosts will appear, including a Slammer who's lurking beneath the sand. You can expose him by sucking up the sand pile he's moving around.

Once clear, take the floor at the top of the stairs leading into the upper level of the Clock Tower Gate room. Although the stairs here seemingly lead nowhere, you can use your Dark Light to reveal a missing portion of the walkway. Then do the same for another missing section ahead. Now follow the walkway to a door on the left, leading into the Drafting Office. There's only one ghost here at first, but there will soon be more. For now, get close to the left wall and then use your vacuum on the ceiling fan to cause that same wall to recede. Once it fully has, try and head back into the exposed area to reveal some ghosts that you'll have to take down first. Once you have, try the ceiling fan trick one more time to push the wall back. Once it has completely, quickly run into the exposed area before it springs back. Now check the Desk to find the Special Compass, completing your mission.