Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon gem and boo locations guide


Welcome to Haunted Towers’ Boss Mission, Tree Topping. The battle itself isn't that bad--it's getting there that's the problem Yeah, you see those stairs? You'll be climbing that entire thing--likely several times.

So here's how it works. Each floor consists of 3 staircases and only one of them is the correct path. If you choose right, you get to go to the next level. If you choose wrong, you have to start all the way back at the beginning, and fight a ghost to boot. Thankfully, there's a little more to it than just pure chance as the torches that flank either side of each staircase actually provide some clues. The blue flames mark staircases you haven't tried yet. But the red ones are the ones you want to watch for, since they mark the stairs you've already climbed successfully. Basically, they show the correct path, always follow the red flames as far as you can to return to where you last failed. Okay, so all of this is great for learning from your mistakes, but that leaves plenty of room to make mistakes in the first place. And with the size of this place, that could turn out to be a lot of wasted time. But as it turns out, the flames--or lack thereof--actually show you where to go...for a time at least. As you're climbing the stairs, look ahead to the floors you haven't reached yet--you know, the ones with the blue torches. You might notice some of the torches among aren't lit at all--these mark the correct stairs to take. The catch is that they only stay unlit for a short while after you've failed, so the trick is to look as far ahead as you can and memorize which stairs to take before the torches return to their usual blue flame. Oh, and the same goes for any torches that shrink in size too--those are still the stairs you want to take. So in summary, follow the red torches as far as you can and look ahead for any unlit paths to see where to go next. If you follow this advice, you should be able to it up in just a few trips. Once you do, grab the green object dangling from the wall ahead and give it a tug 3 times to break down the wall. Now follow the path to a tassel you can pull to reveal a staircase that leads to the boss.

Fittingly, the boss is actually a staircase himself, who you'll awaken if you try and climb him. And as I mentioned earlier, this guy's actually really easy. Just keep on the move and try to stay behind him to avoid his lunges. Eventually, he'll leap really high into the air. Stay away from his shadow to avoid being squished, but get ready to get behind him when he lands, as his weak point--a tassel that you can pull--will be exposed. This will cause the poltergeist possessing it to be revealed.

As with the spider boss, if you're quick, you can stun him right away then perform a charged vacuum attack to inflict some pain. But if you're not quick enough, it's not a big deal--just to dodge a couple of his lunges until he stuns himself by running into a wall, which is your chance to attack. After you deal some damage the Poltergeist will return to the staircase, where you'll have to repeat the same pattern two more times. The only difference is the boss gets a little faster, and learns a new fire attack, which again, can be easily dodged. Once you damage the Poltergeist 3 times and capture him for good, a piece of the Dark Moon will be yours for the taking.