Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon gem and boo locations guide


Welcome to Secret Mine's Boss Mission, Chilly Ride. To get started, use your strobe light on the light sensor to open the door.

This boss is somewhat unique in that you'll primarily be battling him in three different segments while riding a snowmobile equipped with bombs. And if you take too long in any one of those segments, or take too much damage, your vehicle will overheat causing a Game Over. So watch that temperature gauge!

Now in each segment, you'll need to launch bombs at the boss's frozen face to blow off each individual fragment. But each time you blow one off, the boss will get farther away, which means you'll have to adjust your timing to account for the time it takes your bombs to actually reach him. Now because the center of his face is the hardest to hit at a distance, you should target it first. But if you do wind up having to target target it from a distance, aim as high as you can so that the bombs bounce off the ground high enough to reach his center. As for his face's perimeter, it's best to aim low and straight down the center for a direct shot. This way your aim will be consistent and predictable, and you'll only need to adjust your timing. At first, you should just fire as fast as you can to take down the initial batch of fragments, but once there's only a few left, things can get tricky. The key is to target a specific fragment and pay attention to its exact location when you fire the bomb. Then adjust your timing for the next shot. depending on whether your bomb was too early or too late. Although you don't have a lot of time--as his face will refreeze if you take too long--it's well worth your while to pay attention and time your shots carefully instead of firing haphazardly when it comes down to the final few pieces. Once you completely clear the ice from his face , he'll lunge at you. Wait until he gets close--but not too close--then fire a bomb into his gaping maw to enter the second half of the segment, where you battle the Poltergeist himself.

And like some of the boss fights before, if you're quick, you can actually run up and stun him right way, then vacuum him to inflict some serious damage without having to deal with any of his attacks. But if you're not fast enough, you'll have to dodge his dash attacks like usual, but this time he'll teleport around too. Keep an eye on the exit portals that appear to get out of the way. After he bounces around a few times, he'll run into a wall and KO himself, which is your chance to attack.

You'll then have to repeat this entire process two more times, with the giant ice monster getting faster and also growing an additional fragment in the center of his face each time. But your basic strategy should always be the same: Target the center first, then aim low and down the center for the rest, carefully timing your shots to destroy each fragment. Keep it up and you'll have that Poltergeist defeated in no time, revealing a piece of the Dark Moon that's yours for the taking.