Killzone: Shadow Fall collectible locations guide

Chapter 9: The Destroyer

Newspaper #8: New Helghan News

Early in the level, you'll reach this Helghast soldier on a cliff. Take him out, then zip across the gap to the building. You'll find this by the weapon racks inside.

Comic Page #31: Pages 61-62

Run past the Mobile Scan Unit (or, once again, take it out first) to this ledge with a ladder. Drop down, turn right, and enter the small weapons room here. Drop into the hatch to find this comic inside a vent.

Dossier #17: Jorhan Stahl

After destroying the Mobile Scan Unit and taking out the wave of Helghast, the bay door on the building will open. Meet Echo inside and look atop the gurneys in the back left corner for this.

Audio Log #34: Weapon Demonstration 1

This is to the right of the panel Echo hacks inside the security building (the same one you have to defend).

Comic Page #32: Pages 63-64

Head through the lowest door of the security building to find a comic atop a crate inside. Fun fact: there's also a minigun in here.

Comic Page #33: Pages 65-66

Exit the security building through the low door by the weapon racks (one level below the hacking panel). Out here, turn slightly right to spot a ladder on the edge of the platform. Drop down there and turn left to find a comic tucked into the corner of the lower ledge.

Comic Page #34: Pages 67-68

Proceed through Stahl's base until you reach this hallway stuffed with weapons. There's a comic midway down the hall, on the ground to your right.

Audio Log #35: Weapon Demonstration 2

When you reach the war room, move past the giant orange globe. The game's final audio log is behind the middle pillar there.

Dossier #18: Planet Vekta

Head upstairs and prepare for a massive firefight. After the battle, head through the rear left door. Out on this landing pad is a dossier.